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From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

A Bloomdale man was found with weed Monday on Taylor Street.
Suboxone medication was taken Tuesday from 225 Cherry St.
A domestic disturbance occurred at a South Main Street apartment Tuesday.
A rural Fostoria fellow was warned Tuesday to stop harassing his ex-girlfriend.
A Findlay youth was caught with marijuana Wednesday near Defiance Avenue.
An unlawful entry was investigated Wednesday at 1345 Logan Ave.
A Chateau Circle chap, wanted under a warrant, was taken into custody Wednesday in the 300 block of Crystal Avenue.

Sheriff’s Office

Money was missing Monday from an unlocked Chevy at 101 N. Walnut St., Benton Ridge.
A “curve ahead” sign was reported missing Saturday near the vicinity of Biglick Township Roads 253 and 251.
Windows were smashed on a disabled Mercury Tracer at a Jackson Township location. This was noted Monday.
A Cleveland inmate at the Hancock County jail was found with counterfeit bills Tuesday.
A Liberty Township lass lamented Monday about fraudulent activity on a credit card, after her purse was pilfered from an auto.
A Findlay man was admonished last week for harassing an Amanda Township resident by phone.

Anyone with information about a crime can call Findlay/Hancock County Crimestoppers between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays at 419-425-TIPS, or visit Callers may remain anonymous.


From the public records of Hancock County Common Pleas Court:

Marriage Licenses

Todd Geise, 2114 Anna St., mechanic, and Alyson Combs, 2114 Anna St., teacher.
Lucas Richard, 108 Waddle St., emergency room technician, and Katelyn Hurley, 108 Waddle St., registered nurse.
Preston Saxon, 1801 Byal Ave., laborer, and Jessica England, 1801 Byal Ave., laborer.
Corey Kissel, 819 N. Cory St., Apt. 2, security officer, and Tara Merklinger, 1614 West-View Drive, security officer.
Benjamin Depuy, rural McComb, maintenance supervisor, and Brittini Benner, rural McComb, operator.
Whitney Kaufman, rural Findlay, customer service manager, and Quinn Crawford, rural Findlay, manager.
Michael Alonzo, 2311 N. Main St., Apt. F, music director, and Stephanie Patterson, 1724 Queenswood Drive, 17, talent acquisition.
Scott Switzer, 1015 Fishlock Ave., maintenance technician, and Karal Hardwick, 1015 Fishlock Ave., member service representative.
John Schaaf, 307 Edinborough Drive, consumer lending specialist, and Krista Cramer, 307 Edinborough Drive, recruitment specialist.
Madalynne Burns, 156 Hillcrest Ave., cosmetologist, and Erik Van Atta, 156 Hillcrest Ave., assembler.
Kayla Benjamin, 432 Colorado Ave., certified medical assistant, and Bradley Sealey, 432 Colorado Ave., corrections officer.
Lea Griffith, rural McComb, clinical reviewer, and Jeffrey Insley, rural McComb, tattoo artist.
Spencer Zimmerman, rural Arlington, professor, and Kimberly Deane, rural Arlington, self-employed.
Derrick Coy, 1001 Crystal Ave., engineer, and Heather Prusky, 1001 Crystal Ave., teacher.
Jimmie Leeper Jr., 8139 Oakwood Drive, retired, and Mary Figueroa, 8139 Oakwood Drive, retired.
Heidi Cook, rural Fostoria, job coach, and Sheila Ludwig, Fostoria, homemaker.
Brian Sickinger, 1206 Chateau Court, business owner, and Shawna Mericle, 1206 Chateau Court, hair stylist.
Brooke Woodward, 522 Fishlock Ave., speech language pathologist, and Brandon Anspach, rural Rawson, mechanical engineer.
Martin Kaufman, 2147 Normandy Drive, engineer, and Sarah Tagg, 2147 Normandy Drive, teacher.
Jonathon Weber, 722 Tiffin Ave., general laborer, and Carry Medley, 722 Tiffin Ave., general laborer.
Jerry Graham, rural Rawson, self-employed, and Karen Fink, rural Rawson, teacher.
Adam Weisenauer, 236 Prospect Ave., mechanic, and Paula Taylor, 236 Prospect Ave., dietary aide.
Zachary Hara, 713 College St., Army mechanic, and Brittany Wilson, 713 College St., student.
Ashley Broad, rural Findlay, office worker, and Luke Erwin, rural Findlay, machine operator.
Joel Walters, 200 Lester Ave., network technician, and Libby Mays, 200 Lester Ave., restaurant manager.
Troy Myers, 1806 Payne Ave., maintenance, and Korrina Gallagher, 1806 Payne Ave., expeditor.
Tyler Melton, 2020 Breckenridge Road, Apt. 5, retail, and Virginia Powell, 202 Breckenridge Road, Apt. 5, crew member.
Ronald Seaburn Jr., 8149 Rockwood Drive, auto mechanic, and Cheri Butler, 8149 Breckenridge Road, receptionist.
Mitchell Kosier, 420 Clifton Ave., computer engineer, and Meghan Harmon, 420 Clifton Ave., teacher.

Divorces, Dissolutions

Robert Elliott Jr. and Ashley Elliott, dissolution.
Ronald Ellerbrock and Zuleima Ellerbrock, dissolution.
Ryan Black and Ronda Black, dissolution.
Jessica Butler from Shaun Butler, divorce.
Jeanenne Ropp from James Ropp, divorce.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


3:51 p.m., 500 Tiffin Ave., traffic accident.
5:41 p.m., 1417 Bernard Ave., emergency medical service call.


3:20 a.m., 12000 County Road 99, alarm malfunction.
8:55 a.m., 4000 Fostoria Ave., emergency medical service call.
9:21 a.m., 400 W. Lincoln St., lock-out.



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