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Public Record


From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

A man was arrested Wednesday near the Super 8 motel, 1951 Broad Ave,. for having pills, hypodermic needles and other drug paraphernalia in his car.

Threats were made to an employee at Circle K, 100 Crystal Ave., on Thursday.

A piece of equipment was allegedly stolen from a construction site Thursday at 1450 Melrose Ave.

A domestic problem was reported Thursday in the 200 block of Washington Street.

Graffiti was found at the Findlay reservoir on Hancock County 205.

A man was arrested Thursday after making several threatening phone calls to police. Police found him passed out on his porch on Connell Avenue.

Unwanted phone calls were reported on South Blanchard Street.

Sheriff’s Office

Several juveniles were caught Tuesday dumping gasoline into a trash can in an attempt to light it on fire at 8164 Rockwood Drive in Findlay.

A man made suicide threats Wednesday in Mount Blanchard. He was taken to Blanchard Valley Hospital.

A drunk man was arrested for allegedly shooting several rounds from a 9mm handgun into a pond, where three 18-year-olds and two 14-year-olds were swimming, Thursday on Union Township 37. No one was injured and the weapon was not found. The man was arrested for aggravated menacing and using weapons while intoxicated, both misdemeanors.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


11:01 a.m., 227 Washington St., emergency medical service call.

12:32 p.m., 318 Dorney Plaza, emergency medical service call.

2:13 p.m., 227 Washington St., medical assist.

4:43 p.m., 400 W. Trenton Ave., emergency medical service call.

6:09 p.m., 1901 Industrial Drive, emergency medical service call.


1:14 a.m., 200 Elm St., alarm sounded, no fire.

6:35 a.m., 1115 Sheridan Ave., carbon monoxide incident.

8:08 a.m., 806 Bright Road, emergency medical service call.

10:23 a.m., 1275 Crystal Glen Court, emergency medical service call.

12:41 p.m., 1800 Tiffin Ave., alarm sounded, no fire.

2:19 p.m., 1908 Kirkwood Court, emergency medical service call.

2:31 p.m., 1827 S. Blanchard St., false alarm.


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