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Saturday, January 19, 2019
Jeannie Wolf
Jeannie Wolf is a life reporter. Since joining The Courier staff in 1981, she has worked a combined 12 years in the life/family department and 20 years as a general assignment reporter. A native of Ada, she earned an English degree from Ohio Northern University. She enjoys metal detecting with her son, collecting cookbooks and baking, and spending time with family and friends.

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Jeannie Wiley Wolf@hannahjmwaura Tomorrow is another day...1 month ago 0 1
Jeannie Wiley WolfWent at lunch today. I left with three bags of books! So fun!!! https://t.co/IoLQ3cMWSV3 months ago 1 2
Jeannie Wiley Wolf@Otter_News @johnsonk120 He dances better than I do!3 months ago 0 0
Jeannie Wiley WolfStill mad @VideoBean wouldn't let me "get" the glitter pencil pouch! But he did let me pick the Shopkins backpack! https://t.co/UVMM3blwXQ6 months ago 0 7
Jeannie Wiley WolfWait until you're trying to do that and some man comes over and offers to help you! https://t.co/T63FBGR8sW6 months ago 1 2

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