Steve Wilson will apparently continue to provide sanitary engineer services at the Hancock County landfill following a ruling by the county prosecutors office.

Last week, the Hancock County commissioners approved a resolution for Wilsons company to provide management services for flood-reduction projects in the county through Maumee Watershed Conservancy District oversight of the efforts.

Wilson has been employed by the county for the past three years in the same position. His previous contract expired Dec. 31. Now, the county will contract with a company Wilson established — Frostbite Falls LLC — for the work, which will pay a maximum of $40,000 annually. Wilson is the only principal of the company.

But, the separate contract with Wilson for sanitary engineer services was tabled by the commissioners on Jan. 4 because Hancock County Engineer Chris Long said he understood it was his departments responsibility.

Wilsons contract with the county expired Dec. 31. The contract was for a maximum of $20,000 annually.

At the boards regular meeting today, Assistant Hancock County ProsecutorCindy Land said although Long believed it was necessary (for the contract) to be offered to the engineers office first, I didnt understand it that way.

I went back and checked and I disagree with him, she said. There is a specific provision in statute that it has to be offered to the engineer if it is a particular project for a sanitary sewer district. Were not hiring a sanitary engineer for a sanitary sewer district for services to be rendered to a solid waste management district … different code section, different situation. I dont believe its necessary to offer it to the engineers office.

I did indicate in that code section it indicates you have the ability to either hire the county engineers office to do the work or hire an independent sanitary engineer to do it, La said. You may or you may, there are no shalls there.

I indicated to Mr. Long that he was welcome to put in a proposal if he was interested, she said. He sent back an email that said: I am not going to pursue the sanitary engineer issue any further at this time.

The issue turns out to be moot, Land said.

As a result, Land said she will prepare legislation for the boards consideration during Thursdays regular meeting.