FOSTORIA Through the effort and support of community entities, Fostoria Junior/Senior High School students will be back in class Wednesday but not at their school building.
Officials on Friday announced more details on when, where and how the students will continue their education after a small fire this week closed their school building.
The Fostoria Learning Center will host students in grades 9-12 in the weeks to come, while the Junior/Senior High School is being cleaned.
School staff will use a variety of areas in the new center, with a majority of classes being taught in the unfinished portion on the east side.
Junior/Senior High School Principal Drew Bauman said the large spaces will be converted to individual classrooms. Most teachers will be able to teach from the same space each day, but a handful will rotate throughout different classroom spaces.
St. Wendelin Catholic School officials agreed Thursday to temporarily house Junior/Senior High School students in grades seven and eight. The junior high students will be located in the south wing of that building, where the old high school classrooms were. Classes will be set up in rooms as well as the gymnasium.
Staff and students will use furniture, such as desks, tables and chairs, from St. Wendelin.
It means the world to us that people are willing to help us in a time of need, Superintendent Andrew Sprang said. It is important to help each other out and support one another for our kids.
Both St. Wendelin and the Fostoria Learning Center have been very accommodating to let us set up and are willing to take on the challenges of several hundred extra people being in their facilities each day for the next several weeks, Sprang said.
As of Friday, Sprang said officials were still working out the logistics of transportation and food services, but they were very close to being complete.
All details will be finalized by Monday, when the district plans to host parent/student meetings at Fostoria Intermediate Elementary School. Families of seventh- and eighth-grade students will meet at 6 p.m., while families of students in grades 9-12 will meet at 7 p.m.
Students are expected to be in class in their assigned temporary spaces Wednesday.