A 911 call asking police to come to 1316 Fox St. for the shooting death of Jeffery L. Gary on Sunday reveals a panicked scene.

A caller can be heard saying repeatedly, Oh my God, oh my God, as the dispatcher asks for the address.

(NOTE: The call below contains some coarse language, listener discretion advised)

The caller, who has not been identified, told dispatch that someone came in with a bunch of guns and people and shot him, meaning Gary.

The caller also describes a bloody scene, saying Gary is dying and police need to come soon. The caller terminates the call.

Police said emergency services were en route before the 911 call was terminated, so no attempt was made to contact the call again.

The 56-year-old Gary was shot early Sunday morning. Findlay Police Lt. Robert Ring said police have interviewed the person who called 911, and several other people, but have not yet made any arrests.

The suspected shooter, or shooters, left the residence and the area before officers arrived.

They were last seen running south on Fox Street, located a block east of Findlay High School.

Garys death is the fourth in a string of homicides since November 25, 2017. A womans body was discovered last week in Cass Township and later identified as 28-year-old Danielle Rice. The Hancock County Sheriffs Office is investigating.

Findlay police continue to investigate the Nov. 25 murder of Brian A. McQuistion, 42, who was shot in the head in his apartment at 231 E. Foulke Ave., and a Dec. 16 assault outside the Walnut Saloon that led to the death of Gregory Hammer, 53, of Findlay, on Dec. 31.

Findlay recorded three homicides in 2017.

Anyone with information on any of the murders is encouraged to call the Findlay Police Department, 419-424-7164, the Hancock County Sheriffs Office, 419-422-2424, or Hancock County Crime Stoppers, 419-425-8477.