It looks like Hancock Public Healths request for help to finance a new building is headed for further committee discussion.

A Findlay City Council committee on inter-government relations met in late February to discuss the request, and has recommended that city administrators, the Hancock County commissioners and other interested agencies continue meeting to explore financing instruments.

In early February, Health Commissioner Karim Baroudi and health board member Bill Alge approached the county commissioners about the need for a new building. The health board is interested in issuing a general obligation bond to finance the construction or purchase of new quarters. The health board would repay the bond over 10 to 15 years and then receive title to the property.

However, the commissioners balked at the idea, because the county would be required to co-sign on the bond. Commissioner Mark Gazarek, a retired banker, told health officials to approach the city for a low-interest loan.

City officials didnt completely reject the idea of helping with the project Tuesday, but said the commissioners should help, too.

The Findlay and Hancock County health departments merged into Hancock Public Health effective Jan. 1, 2016. The health department office is at 7748 Hancock County 140, Findlay, on the property of the former county home. A part of the main building and a portion of cottages in the back are used by the department.