One Energy will build its eighth Findlay-area wind turbine this summer, the company has announced.
A $3.5 million, 405-foot, 1.5-megawatt turbine will help power the new Autoliv-Nissin Brake Systems factory at the southwest corner of Bigelow Avenue and Bright Road.
We are taking a closer look at fuel sources and energy use habits in an effort to understand the most effective way for us to reduce (carbon dioxide) emissions generated from the production of our products, said Wilson Schroeder, general manager of Autoliv-Nissin Brake Systems, Findlay.
The turbine will prevent 3,000 tons of co2 equivalent from entering the atmosphere each year, he said.
The turbine will generate about 4 million kilowatt hours of energy each year, or more than 80 percent of the factorys electricity.
The turbine will be owned and operated by One Energy, and Autoliv-Nissin will purchase the power, said Jereme Kent, general manager and CEO of One Energy.