Building his power in the U.S. House, Jim Jordan, representative of Ohios 4th Congressional District, since February has given $52,000 from his campaign war chest to 18 Republican House candidates in 12 states.
Jordan, R-Urbana, is founder and chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, the farthest-right grouping of House Republicans. The House Freedom Caucus is sympathetic to the tea party movement and in some cases, libertarian views.
It tormented, then forced out ex-House Speaker John Boehner years ago.
Jordan reportedly has been making a bid to become the next House speaker. He is a long shot, but his attempt may be less about winning than leverage and ultimately being kingmaker Politico recently reported.
If Jordan rallies enough support in the House, he could block any other candidate from becoming speaker. Jordan could then use their votes to extract concessions from whomever is seeking the speakership.

Courier reporter Lou Wilin will have more on Saturday.