ARCADIA The Arcadia school board and parents on Wednesday struggled with legal and privacy concerns of a proposed policy that would allow transgender students to use the school restroom of their choosing.
The proposed policy was prompted by a recent request from a female student who asked to be identified as a male, and use the boys restroom.
The school board said it will act under the advice of its legal counsel.
In a prepared statement, Superintendent Bruce Kidder said, We have policies dedicated to providing all students with a safe and non-discriminatory learning environment. Based on these policies, we are prepared to accommodate any student who has individual privacy or safety needs, including needs related to the use of school bathrooms.
About 60 residents attended Wednesdays school board meeting, held in the school cafeteria to accommodate the crowd.
Residents expressed concern about students being uncomfortable with this arrangement.
Some wondered how to balance the safety and rights of each student.
One person questioned if such a policy might allow for a male to walk into a girls shower.
Much discussion was given to various laws addressing the matter.
A case filed against the Highland School District in Ohio was decided in favor of a transgender student in 2016.
The times are different, school board attorney Pat Schmitz said. The laws for transgender students have changed.
The board is expected to give more discussion to this matter.
This is a learning session for us, as well, board member Ryan George said.