Its official: Riordan McClain, of Upper Sandusky, on May 8 won the Republican nomination for the 87th Ohio House District seat, representing Wyandot, Crawford, Morrow counties and parts of Seneca and Marion counties.

The 4,360 votes McClain received were a mere 58 more than Steve Reinhard, but just enough to avoid a recount, said Ruth Leuthold, director of Crawford County elections board. Crawford County is the most populous county in the 87th District, so results from the other counties had to be reported to it.

McClain will face Democrat Mary Pierce-Broadwater, of Crestline, in November.

McClain had a slim lead over Republican rival Steve Reinhard in the results counted on election night. In the weeks since, elections boards have been counting provisional ballots, which were cast by voters whose eligibility was in question for the May primary.

With all the votes counted, McClain garnered 4,360 votes to 4,302 for Reinhard and 1,998 votes for Doug Weisenauer.

McClain received 58 more votes than Reinhard. Had the difference been 53 votes or fewer in other words, 0.5 percent or less of the 10,660 votes cast for the three candidates Ohio law would have required a recount.

Voting results in each of the counties in the 87th District were:

  • Wyandot: McClain, 1,312 votes; Reinhard, 653 votes; Weisenauer, 305 votes.
  • Seneca: Reinhard, 141 votes; McClain, 120 votes; Weisenauer, 38 votes.
  • Crawford: Reinhard, 1,829 votes; McClain, 1,208 votes; Weisenauer, 916 votes.
  • Marion: Reinhard, 324 votes; McClain, 245 votes; Weisenauer, 107 votes.
  • Morrow: McClain, 1,475 votes; Reinhard, 1,355 votes; Weisenauer, 632 votes.

McClain already represents the 87th District. He was appointed to replace Wes Goodman, who resigned last year in a sex scandal.

McClain is the director of finance and customer service at Doc Investments, Upper Sandusky.