Valfilm, at 3441 N. Main St., was fined $19,956 for safety violations related to the partial amputation of three fingers on an employees hand in March, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported.
The company did not ensure that machinery, the REI-ZR Guillotine, was adequately guarded, exposing employees to amputation hazards, the federal agency reported.
In addition, Valfilm did not make available the hepatitis B vaccine and post-exposure evaluation and follow-up to an employee who was exposed to blood-borne hazards while the employee recovered the other employees three partial fingers from the REI-ZR Guillotine, OSHA reported. The partially amputated digits were the index, middle and ring fingers on the left hand, OSHA reported.
Valfilm makes films for food packaging, automotive and construction. It employs 132 in Findlay.