Failing to protect roofing employees from a potential 10-foot fall at a Findlay house have resulted in a Columbus construction company facing $61,157 in federal fines.
Workers for Juve Guzman, of Columbus, were not protected from a potential fall while working on a roof at 450 Wellington Place in May, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported.
Each employee doing residential construction work at 6 feet or more above lower levels must be protected by his employer, the safety agency said. At 450 Wellington Place in May, roof workers were not protected from a 10-foot fall, the safety agency reported. Employees must also be trained in fall protection before doing roofing work. Juve Guzmans willful violation of both rules prompted $51,734 in fines.
Because Guzman had been cited in 2016 at a different Findlay location for failing to train workers in recognizing and minimizing falling hazards, it was also cited for a repeat violation, and fined $7,760.
The company also was cited for not ensuring that workers wore eye protection while operating a nail gun. The fine: $1,663.