ARCADIA Prompted by a school shooting earlier this year in Florida, the Arcadia school board on Wednesday hired a security director who will be armed.

Tim Saltzman, a former Hancock County sheriffs deputy, was given a two-year contract.

Four school board members voted in favor, with board member Corey Boes abstaining.

Expressing no personal animosity toward Saltzman, Boes questioned if the board had enough information.

There are more questions than answers, Boes said.

Board member Eric Metcalfe said, Weve got to try something.
Metcalfe said the board could make adjustments later.

Prior to taking the vote, the board spent roughly 90 minutes in a closed executive session to discuss this employment issue.

Hancock County Sheriff Mike Heldman and Saltzman each were part of that executive session.

Heldman was on hand to supply answers if the board wanted to pursue the option of hiring a school resource officer through the sheriffs department.

Saltzmans duties will include monitoring a school safety plan and providing building security, as well as interacting with students.

His duties will start Aug. 1 at a salary of $48,000, according to school officials.
Saltzman previously served as a school resource officer for Hancock County schools during his tenure as a sheriffs deputy.

One audience member Wednesday wondered if this security position was rare for a school district the size of Arcadia.

I think youre going to see more and more of it, board member Ryan George said.