A proposed bicycling ban on downtown Findlay sidewalks is making its way toward City Council for reconsideration.

Councils Streets, Sidewalks & Parking Committee met Thursday to discuss a dismount policy for the downtown. Similar legislation was tabled last year.

The committee includes council members Holly Frische, R-1, Tim Watson, R-7, and Grant Russel, R-at-large.

In 2017, a proposed ordinance called for banning everyone from riding a bicycle on Main Street sidewalks in an area bounded by Lincoln Street on the south, and the Blanchard River bridge to the north. Under the proposal, bicyclists would have to take alleys, walk their bicycles in the downtown, or ride in the street.

Violating the rule would have been considered a minor misdemeanor and could have carried up to a $150 fine.

Council, concerned with forcing bicyclists off the sidewalk during the heavy street construction along Main Street last year, decided to wait.

This years version of the legislation will likely be similar.

Russel said he would recommend extending the dismount zone further east and west, beyond the first alleys on both Crawford and Sandusky streets.

Many downtown businesses want bicyclists off the sidewalks, saying bicycle riders create a dangerous situation for pedestrians and a growing number of sidewalk diners.

Watson said Thursday the sidewalks are for pedestrian use.

Russel said the intention isnt to ban bicycles from the downtown entirely. The legislation would just require bicyclists to park or walk bikes in the downtown area, or ride in the street.

Russel, an avid bicyclist, said dismount zones are not uncommon in other downtowns.

Courier reporter Denise Grant will have more on Friday.