An Illinois man pleaded guilty to several counts involving possession and trafficking in drugs in Hancock County Court of Common Pleas today.

Ramone T. Henry, 40, of Evanston, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, pleaded guilty to four counts in two cases.

He pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine, a first-degree felony; possession of heroin, a second-degree felony, possession of marijuana, a fifth-degree felony; and trafficking in cocaine, a fifth-degree felony.

According to Hancock County assistant prosecutor Steve Powell, he and the defendant’s lawyers will recommend a sentence of five years in prison to visiting Wood County judge Robert Pollex, who retired in 2017.

Henry and a co-defendant, Michael D. Parham, 31, of Willowbrook, Illinois, were arrested on Nov. 22, 2016.

The Hancock County METRICH Drug Task Force, with assistance from the Findlay Police Department Emergency Response Team, executed a warrant at 1212 S. Blanchard St. in Findlay and found cash, about 281 grams of cocaine, 48 grams of heroin, 293 grams of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, criminal tools and other items that indicated drug trafficking, according to previous reporting from The Courier.

Parham was sentenced Oct. 18, 2017 to six years in prison and five years of community control after he leaves prison.

Parham pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine, a first-degree felony; possession of heroin, a third-degree felony; and two counts of trafficking in cocaine, each a fifth-degree felony.

Parham and Henry were both originally charged with a major drug trafficker specification, which would have forced the judge to sentence them to the maximum amount of time in prison under Ohio law.

The specification was dropped for Parham at sentencing. The specification for Henry is set to be dismissed when he is sentenced on Nov. 26.
Henry’s case was scheduled for a jury trial Wednesday, which was canceled after the plea was filed.