Swollen by rain, Eagle Creek reached its moderate flood stage Saturday night before receding today.

The Blanchard River rose to minor flood stage at both Findlay and Ottawa before falling.

Eagle Creek receded today after reaching its moderate flood stage of 10 feet. The creek rose as high as 10.17 feet, then fell. By 7 p.m. today the creek level was 5.21 feet, well below flood stage.

Eagle Creek flows into the Blanchard River at Findlay.

The Blanchard River level at Findlay rose to its 11-foot minor flood stage early today, reaching 11.2 feet. The river at Findlay later fell below flood stage. Because of malfunctioning National Weather Service equipment, it is unclear what the river level is tonight at Findlay.

Downstream at Ottawa, the river level reached a height of 23.18 feet today, just above minor flood stage of 23 feet. The river then receded, and was at 22.92 feet at 7:30 p.m.

About a half-inch of rain was recorded Friday at the Findlay Airport, followed by another seven-tenths of an inch on Saturday. But it appeared that heavier rain fell south of Findlay, flooding Eagle Creek, Ottawa Creek, Tidereshi Creek and other waterways in southern Hancock County.