In an article about a new county court building in today’s edition of The Courier, Hancock County Commissioner Mark Gazarek did not say the two projects being considered for replacement of the probate/juvenile building are necessary or that the county could borrow the money.

Gazarek’s quotes in the article were removed and a paraphrase was inserted which misinterpreted his intended remarks.

Gazarek said while the county has the ability to borrow for the two higher priced projects, there are not the financial resources to repay over 20-25 years the estimated $7.8 million to $9.8 million those projects would cost.

During a phone conversation Thursday morning, he said he is in favor of spending $4 million maximum for the court building as was promised to taxpayers when the one quarter percent sales tax was imposed as a continual tax by a 2-1 vote last year. Gazarek voted against the issue, because he wanted the public to decide the matter. Commissioners Tim Bechtol and Brian Robertson voted in favor.

The original 10-year sales tax was used to fund flood reduction projects. That tax expired at year-end 2018.