McCOMB — Legacy Farmers Cooperative will start construction in a few weeks on a $475,000, 12,000-square-foot warehouse on the west edge of McComb.

It will become the only storage center for Legacy’s bulk seed business, said Mark Sunderman, chief executive officer of Legacy Farmers Cooperative. Legacy has other buildings in McComb, Custar and Arlington which currently store seed and other supplies. After the new building is completed in November, those three smaller buildings will store only crop chemicals and fertilizer, Sunderman said.

“We’re just efficiency-wise bringing them all together in the center,” he said. “McComb’s more of a central point for all of our agronomy clients.”

The project comes during a down year for Legacy. The wet spring kept many farmers from planting as much as usual, and that meant lower seed sales for Legacy. But Legacy has compensated by cutting costs where it can. It has not laid off any full time employees, but is not hiring part time workers as it usually does, Sunderman said. It is making do by spreading its employees among its multiple locations.

“It is what it is,” he said. “We’re making adjustments.”

Legacy is proceeding with the warehouse construction because it is taking the long view.

“We’re doing this project because it made sense and we made a commitment to do it and it had already started and was in the works,” Sunderman said. “So, we’ll finish it. It makes sense for our business long term. But, we’ll have a loss this year for sure.”