Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn swore in a new assistant fire chief, the first in nearly 10 years, on Friday.

Brian Sanders, a 30-year veteran of the Findlay Fire Department, took the oath as second in command.

Muryn also swore in two new battalion chiefs, Jeff Rampe and Matt Cooper.

Sanders, a former battalion chief, will earn a salary of $84,157 at his new post.

Fire Chief Joshua Eberle said the position of assistant fire has been left vacant since the retirement of Tom Jorgenson in 2010. Eberle said with the nation’s economy in a recession at the time, and uncertainty surrounding the city’s budget, the position was left unfilled.

“The vacancy was never meant to be a permanent one. The city is now on stable financial footing and the time is right to bring this position back,” Eberle said.

Sanders was a firefighter for 12 years before being promoted to captain in 2001. He was then promoted to battalian chief in 2010.

“Brian’s years of experience at each rank, focus on service and safety, and dedication to the Findlay Fire Department makes him a valuable asset to the leadership of the department in his new role as assistant chief,” Eberle said.

As assistant fire chief, Sanders will serve as safety officer during specific emergencies, and act in the fire chief’s capacity when needed.

The assistant chief also responds to fires as needed, and is tasked with identifying areas for improvement to operations. The assistant chief also works to ensure efficent communication within the fire department, and acts as an administrator for all fire department training. The position also includes several supervision responsibilities.