Michael Jones looks at the jury while the foreman reads the not guilty verdict. (Photo by Randy Roberts)

None of the witnesses in Michael J. Jones’ negligent homicide trial disputed that he stabbed Tyler Wilson last summer on College Street. The question was whether Jones acted negligently, or in justified self-defense.

After about an hour and a half, a Findlay Municipal Court jury returned this afternoon with a not guilty verdict.

Jones testified today, as did Detective Ed VonStein and Officer Kevin Cieplowski with the Findlay police.

In his closing argument, prosecuting attorney Robert Feighner Jr. reiterated a message from his opening: The case isn’t complicated.

Jones could have retreated from a confrontation with Wilson and his friends, but he didn’t.

“Now his only legal out is a theory of self-defense, and I don’t believe he even comes close,” Feighner said.

On the contrary, defense attorney Todd Mosley argued in closing, “This is a textbook case of self-defense.”

Jones did try to retreat, Mosley said. He also showed a knife, and “pled with them, ‘Leave me alone. I will stab you.’ That did not work for him. The only thing that stopped the attack was stabbing Tyler Wilson.”