UPPER SANDUSKY — Wyandot County Public Health reported Wednesday morning its first lab-confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19).

A 68-year-old county resident tested positive for the virus, according to a news release on the health department’s website (www.wyandothealth.com).

Individual cases have been confirmed in more than half the counties statewide, including Hancock, Seneca and Wood counties within The Courier’s circulation area. No additional personal information regarding the case will be released to protect personal privacy, according to the release.

“This comes as no surprise” said Dr. Keri Harris, Wyandot County health commissioner. “We have been watching the spread of COVID-19 disease statewide through lab-confirmed cases. Locally, we have suspected coronavirus activity, however, limited testing has made it difficult to confirm. We have many tests still pending. The medical community is working closely together to prepare for, and respond to, future cases. We continue to encourage the public to stay home. If you cannot stay home, use social distancing and frequent handwashing to slow the spread of the disease, which will ultimately allow the health care system to properly manage those affected by this outbreak.”