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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Ice responsible for high number of duck deaths

The Niagara River from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario is a notable wintering area for waterfowl and, this year, a lot of birds are...

Wheat able to withstand cold

It has been a long and very cold winter. The office has received many calls the past several weeks asking about the effects the...

Was St. Patrick really Irish?

Q: They say St. Patrick wasn't Irish! That's blarney! A: Sorry. Maewyn Succat was born in Kilpatrick, Scotland, about 387 to Roman colonial officials. He was...

Build a Wildlife Area campaign fighting for habitats

The best wildlife habitat can be described by one word: variety. While large, mature woodlots may be great for squirrels, they offer little to grassland...

Hancock corn crop set records

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Ohio county yield averages for 2013 corn and soybean production are out. Although they are estimates, they will be the...

Why is Channel 11 ‘most accurate?’

Q: WeatheRate says Channel 11's forecasts are "certified most accurate." How accurate are they? What other forecasters were evaluated and how did they compare...

A look at five conservation organizations

When reading "Field Notes," you'll often see nationally-based conservation organizations mentioned. Some are very active in our area and it's important to know their...

Severe winter may cause fish kills

Eugene Braig, Ohio State University Extension's pond specialist, thinks this severe winter may have an effect on fish in ponds. He has reported that winter...

Who won FHS’ last state title?

Q: Who or what was the last person or team from Findlay High School to win a state championship? -- Michael J. LaRocco, Tallahassee,...

Ohio makes the list of top 10 fishing spots in U.S.

Winter keeps hanging on and here's one Midwesterner who would love to get a shot at that weather-prognosticating groundhog. Rather than frightening my wife...

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