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Letters to the Editor 03-11-2018

LAW PROHIBITS LOOSE CANINES Why are so many dogs running loose or left off leash? Let’s...

Letters to the Editor 03-05-2018

MAKE DEMENTIA CURE A REALITY I agree with Joann Haslinger (letter, Jan. 31): Dementia is a

Letters to the Editor 04-15-15

THEY PUT UP A PARKING LOT City and county planners ignored warnings that development would cause more flooding and sold Findlay and Hancock County out...

Letters to the Editor 10-16-18

RESOURCE OFFICERS INCREASE PREPAREDNESS In regard to the article (Page A1, Oct. 12) about the city placing six school resource officers in the schools, I...

Letters to the Editor 01-19-19

THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS To suggest that a person who is against the wall has no issue with illegal immigration is just absurd. For one thing,...

Letters to the Editor 09-29-18

'SYSTEM' LET VICTIM DOWN I am angry, sad, disappointed and completely disgusted by the lack of a felony indictment in the July 25 stabbing death...

Letters to the Editor 11-16-18

CONSIDER CARE OF THE AGED This letter refers to the incident regarding the nursing home patient suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease who slipped out...

Letters to the Editor 11-10-18

IT'S STILL THE REPUBLICAN COURIER On Nov. 8, I was perusing the Viewpoint page and therein lies my reasoning for my "Republican Courier" label. The "Election...

Letters to the Editor 06-14-18

A DOUBLE STANDARD? This letter is in regard to Matthias Leguire, 830 E. Sandusky St., and a letter he received from the Zoning Department on...

Letters to the Editor 10-20-18

NOW IT IS OUR TURN I would first like to thank Mayor Lydia Mihalik and Findlay City Council members for proposing and approving the partnership...
Great Scot Community Markets

Great Scot Community Markets


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