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Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Conservation Tillage Conference coming to ONU

By Ed Lentz Producers in the area have always been interested in conservation practices for their farms, long before toxic algae blooms appeared in Lake...

Outdoor lawbreakers will be held accountable

By JIM ABRAMS Dave Yost, Ohio's attorney general, has given notice to all those who decide to ignore the state's wildlife regulations. ...

Frost seeding and frost quakes

By ED LENTZ Clay soils in our area will expand and contract as moisture and temperature change. This year, with all the water in the soil,...

Don’t turn a blind eye to Ohio poachers

By JIM ABRAMS Over the years, folks have often asked me if there is really a poaching problem in Ohio. They were always...

Caring for cattle in cold conditions

By ED LENTZ All of us got a taste of cold weather during last week's polar vortex. Farmers still have to take care of their...

How does the wildlife deal with the weather?

By JIM ABRAMS My local weather forecasters have been warning me for three weeks that bad weather was headed our way. But, ever...

Webinar offered to cattle producers

By ED LENTZ Beef is still popular among American consumers and the consumer has enjoyed lower beef prices at the grocery store the past several...
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