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Jim Harrold

Managing Editor
Email Jim
(419) 427-8418
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Steve Dillon

Editorial Page Editor
 Email Steve
 (419) 427-8423
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Kurt Leonard

City Editor
 Email Kurt
 (419) 427-8415
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Mike Burwell, The Courier Sports Dept. EditorMichael Burwell

Sports Editor
 Email Michael
 (419) 427-8407
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Brenna Griteman

Life Editor
 Email Brenna
 (419) 427-8477
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Jason Smith

Design Editor
 Email Jason
 (419) 427-8495
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Bobby Waddle

Copy Editor
 Email Bobby
 (419) 427-8411
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Evan Hayes - The CourierEvan Hayes

Copy Editor
 Email Evan
 (419) 427-8416
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Sara Arthurs

Life Reporter
 Email Sara
 (419) 427-8494
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Denise Grant

City Reporter
 Email Denise
 (419) 427-8412
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Jim Maurer

County Reporter
 Email Jim
 (419) 427-8420
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Lou Wilin

Business Reporter
 Email Lou
 (419) 427-8413
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Randy Roberts

 Email Randy
 (419) 427-8468
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Kathryne Rubright

Education, Crime and Courts Reporter
 Email Kathryne
 (419) 427-8417
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Eric Schaadt

News Reporter
 Email Eric
 (419) 427-8414
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Jeannie Wolf

Life Reporter
 Email Jeannie
 (419) 427-8419
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Dave Hanneman

Sports Reporter
 Email Dave
 (419) 427-8408
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Ted Radick

Sports Reporter
 Email Ted
 (419) 427-8405
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Andy Wolf

Sports Reporter
 Email Andy
 (419) 427-8496
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Kari Zellner

Advertising Manager
 email Kari

Mitch Ary

Advertising Consultant
 email Mitch

Marcy Banner

National Account Representative
 email Marcy

Terri Black

Advertising Consultant

email Terri

Lynnette Benson

Advertising Customer Service Representative

email Lynnette

Diana Lynch

Allegra Marketing & Print Consultant
 email Diana

Pamela Makrancy

Advertising Consultant

email Pamela

Deb Nesbitt

Advertising Customer Service Representative

 email Deb

Shaun Spearman

Advertising Consultant

email Shaun

Lisa Allen

Preprint Coordinator
 email Lisa

Melinda Alic

Advertising Consultant
 email Melinda

Jennifer Horstman

Newspaper in Education Coordinator
 email Jennifer

Rob Jenney

Circulation Manager
 email Rob

Mary Borer

Marketing Brand Manager
 email Mary

Ty Gossman

Web Design/Developer
 email Ty

Charles Lightner

Internet Manager
 email Charles

Deb Perkins

Production Manager
email Deb

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