From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

On Wednesday, a Tarra 0aks resident advised that an account at a retail store had been opened with her name, sans permission.

A Washington Street woman was charged with possessing drugs Tuesday on South Main Street at Elm Street.

The rear window of a truck was damaged outside 219 Laquineo St. The report was filed Wednesday.

Domestic discord was noted recently at locations on Clinton Street and Interstate Court.

Sheriff’s Office

On Sunday, a Findlay woman was issued a trespass warning to stay away from 2800 S. Main St., Apt. 203.

Anyone with information about a crime can call Findlay/Hancock County Crimestoppers between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays at 419-425-TIPS, or visit

Callers may remain anonymous.

Municipal Court

From the public records of the Findlay Municipal Court. The following people were sentenced:

Christopher Brown, no address, no operator’s license (NOL); $300 fine.

Charles Groves, no address, NOL; $60 fine.

Heather Price, rural Findlay, NOL; $150 fine.

Torres Gutierrez, McComb, NOL; $250 fine.

Isaiah Rayle, Tammi Shuman, both of Findlay, Edward McBee Jr., Forest, DUS; $250 fine.

Machalia Parker, no address, DUS; $300 fine.

Steven Warner,Findlay, DUS; $350 fine.,

Edward Coup, Findlay, driving under suspension (DUS); $450 fine.

Junior R. Miller II, rural Alger, DUS; $500 fine.

Kyle Holbrooks, Findlay, drug abuse, DUS; $350 fine, license suspended 91 days.

Miguel Ixcotoyae, Findlay, falsification, underage consumption; $400 fine, 180 jail days with 173 suspended.

Amy Peters, rural Forest, Keegan Bowman, Mark Gaston, Anthony Lemons, Zachariah Wagner, all of Findlay, drug abuse; $141 fine.

Myah Runion, rural Fostoria, speed; $100 fine.

Nicole LeBoutillier, Tiffany Hafner, each no address, speed; $150 fine.

Christopher Long, Findlay, financial responsibility act (FRA) violation; license suspended 182 days.

Kursten Markgraff, Heather Karr, each no address, Philip Havens, Findlay, speed; $105 fine.

Lawrence Williams, no address, DUS; $300 fine, five jail days.

Robert Overbee, Findlay, underage consumption; $250 fine, 10 jail days with five suspended.

Brooke Dimich, no address, fail to maintain control of vehicle; $155 fine.

Matthew Moser, Findlay, unreasonable driving for conditions; $180 fine.

Vanessa Csendes, Findlay, DUS; $250 fine, 60 jail days suspended.

Tiffaney Heberling, Dola, stopping for school bus violation; $200 fine.

Kaleb Redman, rural Bluffton, failure to comply with police, petty theft; $650 fine, 60 jail days with 40 suspended.

Michelle Snyder, rural Bluffton, falsification, complicity; $500 fine, 60 jail days with 50 suspended.

Ashley Baldridge, Findlay, receiving stolen property, $250 fine, 90 jail days suspended.

Eric Baumert, Findlay, possession of drugs; $250 fine, 30 jail days with 25 suspended.

Amy Flores, Findlay, petty theft; $250 fine, 60 jail days with 50 suspended.

Gage Klopp, Mount Blanchard, DUS, drug paraphernalia offenses, OVI; $1,700 fine, 90 jail days with 80 suspended.

Tracy Mathews, Findlay, disorderly conduct; $150 fine.

Cecelia Peace, Findlay, aggravated disorderly conduct; $250 fine, 30 jail days with 25 suspended.

Francisca Peace, Findlay, drug paraphernalia offenses, DUS; $500 fine, 60 jail days with 50 suspended.

Zarrck Ramirez, Findlay, possession of drug paraphernalia; $141 fine.

Jaesun Bame, Findlay, confinement of dogs violation; $100 fine.

John Crates III, Arlington, obstructing official business; $250 fine, 90 jail days suspended.

Brandon Huether, rural Findlay, Matthew Rood, Findlay, possession of marijuana; $141 fine.

Ty Rau, Findlay, possession of drug paraphernalia; $141 fine.

Hunter Busch, rural Bluffton, violating wildlife rules; $141 fine.

Garrett Howell, rural Pandora, possession of marijuana; $150 fine.

Justin Kramp, Findlay, leaving scene of an accident; $250 fine, 30 jail days with 18 suspended, license suspended 366 days.

Mario Reynolds II, no address, speed; $95 fine.

Roberto Romero, no address, physical control of vehicle violation; $425 fine, 30 jail days with 23 suspended, license suspended 23 days.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


6:03 p.m., 11745 Township Road 145, emergency medical service call.

6:40 p.m., 1800 Tiffin Ave., short circuit.


12:23 a.m., 115½ Santee Ave., emergency medical service call.

2:10 a.m., 2800 Goldenrod Lane, arcing equipment.

10:23 a.m., 2000 Production Drive, emergency medical service call.

1:27 p.m., 1949 Breckenridge Road, emergency medical service call.

3:35 p.m., 600 Jacobs Ave., alarm malfunction.