From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

Two Logan Avenue residents were found putting trash into a dumpster at a nearby business Wednesday. The business initially wanted to file theft of services charges against the pair, but later decided not to.

A domestic dispute in the 2500 block of Tiffin Avenue was forwarded to the sheriff’s office. A Findlay woman filed the complaint against a male.

A couple’s verbal dispute was reported Thursday in the 400 block of North Main Street. The pair claimed there was no physical altercation.

A male and female walking on West Foulke Avenue on Thursday, with a sidewalk nearby, were stopped by police. The male had a pending warrant and had suspected Xanax pills in his possession. He was taken into custody on drug possession charges.

A man entered a room at Rodeway Inn, 1901 Broad Ave., about 4:44 a.m. Friday. He was asked to leave several times, but refused. The man was issued a criminal trespass warning.

Sheriff’s Office

Two students admitted vaping in a restroom at Riverdale School on May 6. Both were disciplined and parents were contacted. Charges of possession of tobacco by a person under 18 years old were sent to the juvenile prosecutor.

A 2000 F-650 Ford truck was reported stolen May 5 from Findlay Truck and RV. The vehicle was found on Madison Township 69, between Hancock County 2 and U.S. 30. It had $900 worth of rims and lug nuts stolen.


From the public records of the Hancock County Auditor’s Office. No money changes hands in some real estate transfers between family members, in some bank repossessions, and in some other transfers.

Real Estate Transfers

Hancock County sheriff, George Jarrett and Sue Hedges to Bank of New York Mellon and Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust 2003, 308 Lester Ave., Findlay, $39,000.

Hancock County sheriff, Sam and Kelly McAfee to US ROF III Legal Title Trust 2015 and U.S. Bank National Association, 602 Wyandot St., Findlay, $100,300.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Sarah Leroy, 232 E. Wallace St., Findlay.

David and Pauline Kurtz to Tiffany Meeker, 720 Clinton Court, Findlay, $92,500.

Silvio Jimenez to Melinda Jimenez, 204 E. Perrin Ave., McComb.

Nicol Hinesman to Beverly Knerr, 324 W. Yates Ave., Findlay.

Michael and Barbara Pasztor to Carol Tenney, Lot 26, Chickory Drive, Van Buren, $52,000.

Loretta Core to Dixie Farms Inc., 8828 Hancock County 313, Findlay, $100,000.

Ronald and Linda Miller to Brittani Allshouse, 16211 Forest Lake Drive, Findlay, $329,900.

Patrick and Yvette Brickner to Carlos and Martha Finol, 805 Country Creek Drive, Findlay, $214,900.

Fifth Third Bank to Latasha Nye, 201 Ely Ave., Findlay, $67,640.

Hazel Todd to Dale Todd, 242 S. Park Drive, McComb.

Rubble Group LLC to Bam Bam Limited LLC, 623 W. Trenton Ave., Findlay.

Sulphur Lake Inc. to Arrowhead Land Holdings LLC, 41 acres, U.S. 68, Williamstown, $300,000.

Christopher and Ashley Cairnes to Brock and Stacy Bell, 1815 East-View Drive, Findlay, $152,000.

James and Kodi Fletcher to Ian Horstman, 943 Breezewood Court, Findlay, $173,000.

Leroy and Karen Reza to Sidney Keller, 1320 S. West St., Findlay, $132,000.

Brock and Stacy Bell to Brandon Oreglia, 2606 N. Main St., Findlay, $153,500.

Linda Elsea to Kevin and Stephanie Vogel, 2710 Crystal Ave., Findlay, $172,000.

Austin and Rachel Gerber to AJ Properties of Findlay, 1512 Crystal Ave., Findlay, $115,000.

Michael Eller to Douglas Kreinbrink, 211 Woodcliff Drive, Findlay, $155,000.

Andrew Wellington and Courtney Lincoln to Kevin and Suzanne Kelly, 1739 Foraker Ave., Findlay, $157,000.

Woody Heimann to Elizabeth and Andrew Rone, 312 E. Liberty St., Arlington, $136,000.

John and Ann Baney to Marcus and Emily Brown, 532 Swing Ave., Findlay, $147,000.

LBB Investments and Robert Buehler to Hancock County commissioners, 0.11 acre, Howard Street, Findlay.

Edward Mueller to Arthella Mueller, 80 acres, Hancock County 330, Findlay.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. to U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 917 Orange Township 27, Bluffton.

Gordon Land Holding Co. to Gary and Deborah Fruchey, 2630 Northridge Road, Findlay, $146,500.

Matthew and Karli Brown to Colin and Heather Logan, 1211 Hancock County 18, Van Buren, $305,000.

Robin and Dixie Rader to Jonathon and Brittany Kepling, 404 W. Main St., McComb, $129,900.

Couchot Homes to Richard and Beverly Richmond, 205 Katarina Lane, Findlay, $300,000.

Shilo Clouse to Gage Shaeffer, 400 Mona Lane, Findlay, $135,000.

Pamela Barto Trust, Pamela and Cleo Barto to Kenneth Boyle, 831 Hawthorne Road, Findlay, $124,000.

Joel and Caroline Guzman to Ryan Frederick, 652 W. Fremont St., Fostoria, $117,000.

Promedica Foundation to Fostoria Hospital Association, 1.99 acres, West Lytle Street, Fostoria.

James and Georgia Badertscher to Autumn Galbraith and Badertscher Preservation Trust, 14038 Union Township 57, Rawson.

Linda Jarosc, Daniel Angers, Robin Angers, Andrea Prusik, Richard Jarosz, Jennifer Angers, Paul Prusik to Shirley Barchent, 857 Fox Run Road, Findlay, $205,000.

Lou Egbert and Mary Louise Egbert 1994 Irrevocable Trust to Scott Egbert, 17334 Hancock County 26, Arlington.

Debra, Gary and Larry Rice to Thelma Rice, 1214 Vincent St., Findlay.

Marlene and Roger Isenbarger to Tim Williams, 812 W. Tiffin St., Fostoria, $60,000.

Richard Badertscher to RW Badertscher Farms, 840 Hancock County 313, Bluffton.

Margaret Thomas to Matthew Canterbury, 325 Edith Ave., Findlay, $154,000.

Ethan and McKenzie Houck to Logan and Rachel Bell, 1628 Connell Ave., Findlay, $125,000.

Brian Kuhlman to Gary and Erin Michel, 9132 Dold Drive, Findlay, $212,500.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


5:20 p.m., 539 S. Main St., traffic accident.

7:19 p.m., 400 E. Main Cross St., citizen complaint.


4:47 a.m., 409 S. Cory St., emergency medical service call.