From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

A Summit Street resident reported that a car seat was stolen from a vehicle Wednesday.

Officers responded to a domestic violence call at a Glessner Avenue residence Thursday morning. It was a verbal argument, with no violence.

A Bluffton man was arrested for driving under the influence after a traffic stop at 1600 Broad Ave. late Thursday.

Warrants were served to three Findlay residents Friday morning at the following locations: Howard Street, South Blanchard Street and East Front Street.

Sheriff’s Office

A resident of Walnut Court called the sheriff’s office to report something was running on her roof Wednesday afternoon. Deputies responded and found it was a raccoon.

A rural Van Buren resident reported that his truck had been damaged Wednesday while it was parked at his place of employment.

Deputies investigated an activated alarm at an Allen Township Road 109 residence Thursday afternoon. No issues were found.


From the public records of the Hancock County Auditor’s Office. No money changes hands in some real estate transfers between family members, in some bank repossessions, and in some other transfers.

Real Estate Transfers

Vu Huynh and Nha Lam to Kevin and Lisa Menz, 605 Sixth St., Findlay, $78,000.

Angela Wilson to Todd Wilson, 20337 Van Buren Township 59, Jenera.

Adam and Stephanie Reinhart to Todd Zechman, 616 W. Hardin St., Findlay, $125,000.

Union Home Mortgage Corp. to Roby and Jennifer Breitigam, 308 N. High St., Jenera, $80,000.

Bennett Hannah to Paul Bobowski, 276 E. Winter Woods Drive, Findlay, $264,000.

Kenneth Cramer to Damon and Alexa Rall, 1723 Washington Ave., Findlay, $139,900.

Craig and Amber Holbrook to Gregory and Allison Newland, 16090 Forest Lane, Findlay, $415,000.

Ram Hotel Group to Swami Hospitality, 1600 Fox St., Findlay, $1,525,000.

Lawrence Breidenbach to Donna Breidenbach, 419 Lester Ave., Findlay.

Charles and Brenda White to Timothy and Eric White, 1301 Glen Road, Findlay.

Cathy Riker, Nancy Mestrez, Kirt Riker, Richard Mestrez to Findlay Real Property LLC, 200 Warrington Ave., Findlay, $80,000.

Karen Brant to Michael Brant, 21678 Hancock County 183, Arlington.

Natalie Baldridge to Melissa Guay and Elliott Crites, 700 Winterberry Drive, Findlay, $189,900.

Mark Shearer to Mary Shearer, 15076 Jackson Township 37, Arlington.

John Boyd and Robert Boyd Trust to Shawn and Michelle Beucler, 26.8 acres, Hancock County 139, Findlay, $174,642.

Philip and Tamera Rooney to Young Men’s Christian Association, 339 E. Hardin St., Findlay, $145,000.

Howard and Nancy Lentz to Charles and Brenda Oman, 13366 Jackson Township 37, Findlay, $170,000.

Robert Chiow II to Zachary Simon, 211 E. Edgar Ave., Findlay, $99,500.

Tara Miller to Robert and Joy Tansill, 2012 Greendale Ave., Findlay, $225,000.

Scott Flagg and Pamela Schools to Jonathan and Natallie White, 2104 Eagle Hill Court, Findlay, $389,500.

Rose Mary Rush to Jerry and Barbara West, 15394 N. Point Drive, Findlay, $156,000.

William Sayre to Sayre Home Solutions LLC, 442 W. Tiffin St., Fostoria.

Thomas and Rhonda Zepp to Larry and Jerolyn Niswander, U-19A, 2501 Villa West Drive, Findlay, $170,500.

Cheryl Barnes, Martha Louise Shuck Trust, Ted Shuck Trust to AW Shucks Farms LLC, 14605 Hancock County 26, Findlay.

Pamela and Sandy Sickmiller to Santos and Mae Miranda, 209 E. Pine Ave., Findlay, $102,000.

Austin and Rachel Gerber to Restful Pets LLC, 123 Cherry St., Findlay.

Thomas Dietsch II, Thomas and Margie Dietsch Revocable Trust to Tasha and James Stanton, 1725 Forest Park, Findlay, $550,000.

Mark Gons and Kay Winklejohn Revocable Trust to Alex and Kristie Winkeljohn, 310 Church Hill Drive, Findlay, $230,000.

Loren and Janelle Wagner to Jason Wagner, 16895 Ohio 103, Mount Blanchard.

Thomas and Teresa Winklejohn to Mustafa Dastan, 8545 Tawa Creek Drive, Findlay, $385,000.

Carmela Osborne and James Bell to Charles and Pamela Rose III, 835 S. Main St., Findlay, $485,000.

Marita Wenner, Melissa Jackson, Charles Wenner, Charles Wenner Family Trust to Amber Waves Development, Lot 4, East Bigelow Avenue, Findlay.

Jay and Caryn Sutherland to Matthew Bailey, 1503 Plum Creek Drive, Findlay, $178,000.

Treft Enterprise LLC and Ty Treft to Jordan Diaz, 202 E. Fremont St., Arcadia, $86,500.

James and Kay Campbell to Faye Taggart, 205 E. Fremont St., Arcadia.

Eric and Thanou Sayarath to Amy and Robert Sloan, 605 Palm Drive, Findlay, $309,900.

Rose Jenkins to David Hans, 1825 Pershing St., Findlay, $100,000.

John and Pelona Carson to Robert and Amy Downing, 865 S. Cory St., Findlay, $150,000.

Mark and Katherine Laux to Lauren North, 1708 West-View Drive, Findlay, $142,000.

John Blide, Blide Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Kaela Croy, U D-3, 1125 Countryside Drive, Findlay, $179,900.