From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

A Findlay resident reported identity theft and fraud Thursday morning.

A domestic dispute was reported Thursday afternoon on Byal Avenue. It was a verbal argument and there were no arrests.

Donnell Middle School, 301 Baldwin Ave., reported that a man was on campus attempting to steal bicycles. The man was located and given a trespass warning.

Police served a Rossford resident with a warrant on Industrial Drive Thursday morning.

A homeless Findlay man was served with two warrants and was arrested Thursday afternoon in the 1900 block of North Main Street.

Charges of domestic violence are being pursued against a 10-year-old boy accused of pushing and kicking his mother. The boy was arrested and later released to the parent Thursday.

A Findlay woman was arrested for possession of methamphetamine at about 1 a.m. Friday after a traffic stop on West Main Cross Street.

Police arrested a Findlay woman for driving under the influence after a traffic stop at about 2:30 a.m. Friday on Defiance Avenue.

Another Findlay woman was arrested for possession of drugs at about 3 a.m. Friday in the 2000 block of North Main Street.

Police transported a homeless Findlay man, wanted on a warrant through Findlay Municipal Court, from the Allen County jail to Hancock County’s jail Friday afternoon.

A Findlay man was arrested on a warrant from Findlay Municipal Court on Friday morning on Clinton Street.

Sheriff’s Office

Deputies were called to an Arcadia residence Wednesday evening on a report of a possible domestic dispute. However, everything was calm at the residence. The homeowner said the family had been doing yard work, and was yelling to communicate. Also, the family parrot can speak some English, including words like “Help!” and “Stop it!” which could cause some alarm.

A Rawson resident reported Wednesday that a resident of Miami, Florida, used a fraudulent PayPal account to purchase a $6,000 wedding band set being sold on Facebook.

A rural Forest person reported a domestic dispute on Township Road 61 Thursday evening. There were no arrests, but a trespass warning is expected to be filed against a Lima man involved in the dispute.

Deputies responded to an alarm at an Arlington residence Thursday evening and found two doors ajar, but nothing was disturbed in the house. A key holder was contacted to secure the residence.


From the public records of the Hancock County Auditor’s Office. No money changes hands in some real estate transfers between family members, in some bank repossessions, and in some other transfers.

Real Estate Transfers

Julie Sopher to Joe Sopher Jr., 8352 Biglick Township 254, Findlay.

Carl and Terri Ramm to 5L Investments LLC, Lot 1692, Center Street, Findlay, $7,000.

Virgil Grant to Rafael and Lauren Cuellar, 12150 Allen Township 108, Findlay, $150,000.

Deborah and John Edel to Brynn and Brett Pasche, 2927 Saddlebrook Drive, Findlay, $310,000.

Jared and Jennifer Fry to Jater Enterprises Inc., 4.6 acres, Amanda Township 198, Vanlue.

Janet and Charles Bennett to Anthony and Lisa Simon, 131 Olive St., Findlay, $170,000.

Kelly and Jeffrey Haase to Patricia Hagan, 411 Portz Ave., Findlay, $113,900.

Lisa Fulton, Lisa Fulton Revocable Trust to Michael and Christina Montgomery, 463 Penbrooke Drive, Findlay, $580,000.

Charles, Roger, Wayne, Linda, Eliza, Sandra Smith to Joseph and Linda Edinger Trust, Linda and Joseph Edinger, 127 Madison Ave., Findlay, $65,000.

Michael and Jacqueline Blosser to Kayla Griffin, 210 Ash Ave., Findlay, $89,500.

Ronald and Claire Hughes to Jamie Shackleford, 606 Hillcrest Ave., Findlay, $170,000.

Fifth Third Bank to Michael Howard, 400 E. North St., Arcadia, $30,000.

Randall Freeland to Len-Baugh Properties, 718 Center St., Findlay, $60,000.

Daniel and Emily Romick to Dennis and Mary Feehan, 1601 Greenfield Drive, Findlay, $228,000.

William and Rhonda St. Claire to Brandon Pickett, 516 Rector Ave., Findlay, $113,400.

Vision Home Buyers, Patricia Oakes to Tori Alva, 136 W. Oliver St., McComb, $74,500.

Daniel and Julie Scherger to Shawn and Andrea Coots, 874 Deer Trail Court, Findlay, $355,000.

Lois Hindall to Jack Hindall, 132 Sunset Drive, Arlington.

Thomas Babb to Ardella Babb, 605 Westhaven Drive, Fostoria.

Philip Flick to Diane Boguski, 169 Main St., Benton Ridge.

Jon and Cheryl Gast to Thomas and Bonnie Brown, 303 Elizabeth Ave., Findlay, $125,500.

Steven Lenhart to Stephanie Jurrus, 1722 Blaine St., Findlay, $93,900.

Lawrence and Katie Hoffman to Rachel and Nicholas Bish, 624 Winterhaven Drive, Findlay, $190,000.

Donald and Connie Brown to One Green Acre LLC, 7797 Blanchard Township 120, McComb.

Joanne McPherson to Christopher and Emily Loveless, 912 S. Main St., Findlay, $164,000.

Findlay HM Properties, Bradley Mayer to Eric and Kristin Lopez, 853 Maple Ave., Findlay, $72,000.

Virginia and Thomas German, to Blue Chip Housing, 411 Howard St., Findlay, $73,500.

Skylar and Amanda Johnson to Jadin Laytart, 131 E. Foulke Ave., Findlay, $131,500.

William and Hope McCleave to John and Marcy Rice, 320 Penbrooke Drive, Findlay, $460,000.

Robert and Rebecca Baratta to Tricia Flanigan and Darius Thomas, 2411 Springmill Road, Findlay, $167,500.

Carl and Heather Muniz to Andrew Gibson, 512 W. South St., McComb, $139,900.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Allan Davis Revocable Trust to Robert Charvat, 343 Fairlawn Place, Findlay, $134,950.

Gene Davis to Janet Davis, 8899 Portage Township 19, McComb.

Brian and Constance Goecke to Vincent Mull and Adriana Gallegos, 223 E. Perrin Ave., McComb, $115,000.

Jolynn Painter to Theodore Dahlke, 231 E. Eagle St., Findlay, $132,500.

Donna Johnson to Louis and Geraldine Kish, 508 Glenview Drive, Fostoria, $135,000.

Clarence and Karen Strahm Jr. to Magnm LLC, 1115 Francis Ave., Fostoria, $160,000.

Samuel and Betty Ellis, Christina and Mark Rehl to James and Cynthia Gangle, 1008 East-View Drive, Findlay, $120,000.

Brookview Homes to Michael and Lauren Shivers, Lot 57, Wheatfield Drive, Findlay, $67,500.

Teresa Joos to Regina George, Lots 39-41, Cherry Street, McComb.

Teresa Joos to Regina George, Lots 42-47, Church Street, McComb.

Edward Harden to Bryan Harden, 4449 Pleasant Township 235, McComb.

Scott and Marion Graber II to Tracy Peterson, 3215 Crosshill Drive, Findlay, $162,500.

Hancock County sheriff, Gary and Linda Groves to Bayview Loan Servicing, 214 Midland Ave., Findlay, $17,000.

Michael and Laura Greer to Gregory and Amy Eisentrager, 10660 Liberty Township 128, Findlay, $270,000.

Katherine Downing and Sam Vilaysack to Jacqueline Parish, 533 W. Lincoln St., Findlay, $136,400.

Harry and Cynthia Cramer, Cramer Family Trust to Duane and Stephanie Shafer, 3811 Hancock County 313, Bluffton, $345,000.

Jenny and Mark Fillhart to Treasure and Bradly Wiseman, 842 W. Center St., Fostoria, $60,000.

Douglas and Michelle Peterson to Skylar and Amanda Johnson, 1615 Burson Drive, Findlay, $199,900.

Stephen and Patricia Shutt to Eric and Jennifer Barrett, 11048 Blanchard Township 53, Findlay, $230,000.

Roger and Nancy Best to Sean and April Sexton, Lot 42, Lye Creek Drive, Findlay, $294,500.

Nathan and Cheyenne Erickson to Jillian Loudermilk, 309 E. Hobart Ave, Findlay, $161,000.

Bobbie May to Randall May, 1112 First St., Findlay.

Frank and Mabel Anast to Fama10 LLC, 314 W. Main Cross St., Findlay, $150,000.

Norma Perkins to Wayne and Nina Dukes, 419 W. Melrose Ave., Findlay, $134,900.

Reingard Enterprises to D&K Development, 15329 U.S. 224, Findlay, $215,000.

Donnie and Phyllis Dennison to Tabitha Thomas, 639 Center St., Findlay, $119,500.

Richard and Brenda Binner to Emily Wiant, 0.099 acre and 0.179 acre, Lone Tree Drive, Findlay, $55,000.

Glenmar Development, John Vorst, William Scanlon to Brett Gleydura and Kelli Lieb, Lots 39-40, Livery Circle, Findlay, $51,000.

Jerry and Tamera Morehart to Michael Wilson, 1316 S. West St., Findlay, $175,000.

Maxine Kelly to Brian Huether, 10097 Marion Township 234, Findlay, $180,000.

Richard and Dale Schwab to Michael and Jodi Estes, 8481 Hancock County 203, North Baltimore, $359,900.

Meghan and Jared Vanatta to Nicholas Fazzio, 304 S. Main St., Mount Blanchard, $84,500.

Sydney and Ryan Falk to Jeremy Javersak, 3299 Union Township 34, Bluffton, $142,000.

Logan Feeney to Matthew York, 319 Colorado Ave., Findlay, $180,000.

Cheryl Zsembik to Alan and Caroline Stevens, 2376 Pleasant Township 111, McComb, $215,000.

Randy and Lorraine Cunningham to Carl Ingalls, 717 Balsley Ave., Findlay, $149,900.

Renee Smith to Julie Routson, 854 Maple Ave., Findlay, $127,000.

Janet Bender to Renee Smith, U 15-7715, 7715 E. Watermark Drive, Findlay, $199,900.

Phillip Warrington, Julie Switala, Gloria Warrington, Paul Switala to James Reiter, 62.8 acres, 62.9 acres, 40 acres, Hancock County 23, Alvada; 80 acres, Township Road 258, Alvada, $525,000.

Patrick and Sally Brzozka to Robert and Christy Rushing, 859 Summit St., Findlay, $99,500.

Robin Styers and Gwen Wilson Revocable Trust to Curtis Ailes, 523 Dayton Ave., Findlay, $107,000.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


8:31 p.m., 237 Woodley Ave., false alarm.

10:41 p.m., 1201 Crystal Glen Blvd., emergency medical service call.


9:05 a.m., 1950 Tiffin Ave., smoke detector malfunction.

4:01 p.m., 100 Hurd Ave., emergency medical service call.