From the public records of the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office:

Police Department

The following incidents were reported on Tuesday:

A fight occurred at a residence in the 1600 block of Byal Avenue.

A domestic disturbance occurred at Drury Inn & Suites, 820 W. Trenton Ave.

Dog feces has been repeatedly dumped at a commercial property on South Main Street.

A bag containing medication was stolen from a work truck while it was parked at a business in the 1200 block of Tiffin Avenue.

Music was being played too loudly at a residence in the 2300 block of Jennifer Lane.

A man made threats to a neighbor in the 2000 block of Park Street.

A man threatened to kill someone in the 200 block of Prospect Avenue.

A sick, possibly rabid, raccoon was seen in the area of Woodworth Drive and Greendale Avenue.

A jogger was bitten by a dog in the 100 block of Lexington Avenue.

An object was thrown through a window of a residence in the 100 block of Madison Avenue, hurting a girl.

Someone was charging their motorcycle battery using someone else’s car without their permission in the 2400 block of Jennifer Lane.

A gunshot was heard in the 200 block of Monroe Avenue, but the neighbors could not agree on where it came from.

Sheriff’s Office

The following incidents were reported Tuesday:

A resident said she could not look out her windows without seeing the pornography her neighbor was watching on his large television screen. An investigating deputy said the neighbors were quite a distance apart and he was unsure how the complaining neighbor could see the pornography without binoculars. The neighbor with the large TV screen was told to keep his blinds closed.

Someone was given a trespass warning for being at One Energy, 12606 Allen Township Road 215.

An odor of marijuana could be smelled at an apartment at 820 W. Bigelow Ave.

Medication was stolen from a residence in the 500 block of South Street, Arcadia.

A possible heroin overdose was reported in the 10000 block of Edgewood Drive when a male was found to be not breathing.

Fire Calls

From the public records of the Findlay Fire Department:


5:33 p.m., 225 E. Front St., no incident.

9:42 p.m., 505 Fifth St., carbon monoxide detector malfunction.


2:29 p.m., 831 Crystal Ave., medical assist.

3:11 p.m., 2448 Grace Boulevard, medical assist.