I am an American, born and raised in Indiana, a proud veteran who served in Korea and now a resident of Findlay.
And I am an avid fan of most sports, mostly any team from Ohio: the Buckeyes, Indians, Cavs, and the Trojans.
I am very proud to stand and salute the flag of our America while the national anthem is being played or sung. And the best part of all is the fly-over after it is finished.
But the fly-overs are few and I wonder if it isn’t because of the lousy voice renditions mocking our anthem.
I have never heard such a poor presentation as the one version sung by “20 feet from stardom” singers. I have heard some bad ones, including “Roseanne” and others. But this group sounded like they were 20 feet from hell. I was looking for a tent around them.
From now on, I am going to mute my TV so I don’t have to listen to them. And whoever scouts for entertainment for any sport requiring the vocals of the anthem should be fired and run out of the country.
After all these years, they still can’t get it right.
Dick Cook Findlay

So another holiday season has come and gone. Same sales, same crowds, same deals. Do enough people think enough of our military during the holidays?
Do enough people think of what they do for us? I think not. I work in retail and do not think enough about what our military does for us every day as we enjoy our freedom.
Every freedom you enjoy is only because of what our military does for you!
While you were unwrapping all your gifts, these heroes were sleeping on a cot in a Third World country, only dreaming of what you had. When they come home injured or not, our government and our society ignores them. Watch some videos of them coming home and it will touch your hearts. It made me cry.
Please give something for these vets, and give a prayer!
Christmas is huge, but let’s make it mean so much more.
God bless our troops, and God bless America.
Mike Mitchell Findlay

Let the chain of flaming begin.
First, I am confused by the Messianic Jewish movement. Yes, we all know that Jesus was a Jew that had his physical characteristics altered over time to fit the narrative.
But here is my issue with the movement. If you accept Jesus as the Christ, anointed one and Messiah, does that not make you a Christian and not a Jew?
Christians accept Jesus as Christ, their lord and savior. Judaism does not.
So how can you be Jewish and think of Jesus as the Messiah? If you are a Jew that thinks the Messiah is coming, I get that as the Messiah is foretold.
But a Jew cannot link Jesus and the Messiah without quite naturally becoming a Christian in the process.
Next, thank you Ms. Rice (letter, Dec. 31), but I really do not need to read the New Testament out of curiosity. You note that it tells how Jesus fulfilled most of the prophecies with only a few to go.
If that works for you, then you must be a happy and blessed soul. It should not matter what I think about the foundation of your faith.
While it is hard to make the biblical concept of time mesh evenly with modern concepts of time, I do not think that a Messiah would need 2000 years to finish the job God sent him or her to do.
Nothing short of a burning bush or the appearance of the Messiah, or the return of the original one, will finally and permanently settle the argument.
Until then, can’t we all get along? And, isn’t that what God’s message really is?
Stuart Schakett Findlay

Regarding the recent murder at the corner of Crystal and Foulke, all prayers to the victim’s family and friends. Prayers to the two suspects’ family and friends, as well.
I cannot even begin to imagine what the survivors go through on a daily basis.
I can say that I watched our Findlay Police Department do everything to save the victim’s life. The officers continued to give CPR well after the arrival of the ambulance.
My need to write comes from the gang graffiti on the sidewalks.
I do not wish to offend anyone, but do believe the victim to be with his maker?
He saved his family/friends in the vehicle by running away and that type of person would not want that site to be their last living memory for anyone. At least that is how my thoughts have gone trying to come to terms with the tragic night.
Please, again, remember to keep all in your prayers and give much respect to our Police Department.
Justina Kuhlman Findlay

I want to express my thanks to the three warm-hearted people that helped to get my car out of the snow on Sixth Street Thursday morning. I will be sure to pass on your kindness to someone else in need.
May you have a blessed 2014. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lori Nelson