The FCC is now considering proposals that will allow it to regulate the Internet and block potentially harmful behavior. This is completely and totally unacceptable.
Allowing the government to get its foot in the door will result in terrible consequences. Once we allow it to come in under the ruse of protecting us, it will censor websites and violate the First Amendment. Also, it will impose fees to website owners for speed, meaning that if you offer an Internet service, store, or blog, the FCC will slow down your site until you pay it to speed it back up, basically extorting people.
Now how is this bad? Prices for goods and services will go up. New Internet startups will suffer without the funds to pay the FCC gangsters. That’s not to mention the freedom and privacy many value will be at risk.
Following the trail leads back to lobbyists who will profit from this. So let’s restore the country and keep money out of politics and make it about the people again.
The rich are legally bribing politicians. We need to stop this.
If you’re against corporations running America, you can sign the petition online at www.wolf-pac.com, an organization that aims to restore democracy and restore free and fair elections.
This is the first step to save our freedoms and privacy. This includes killing Internet neutrality and keeping the Internet a free and equal instrument.
Robert Morris

On May 15, Jim Snyder came forth with the first real challenge to my ideas on where we must go, how we will get there, and why has it taken so long.
I had brought up my military experience to bring to light just one, out of several million, injustices that have occurred because of what should have never been an illegal substance, marijuana.
There are people who are concerned about injustice in this country, but maybe Snyder is one who is not.
He makes the point that CNN came up with great findings, like the fact the mind is altered depending on how many joints you consume. Wow, I am impressed.
There is a basic rule: When you have an action, it will bring a reaction. So why would you think smoking herb would be any different?
The question is, was the action good or bad? Doesn’t everything you put in your body alter the brain? I don’t know, I am not a doctor.
But I am asking everybody to Google: “Scientific research and real facts about the Cannabinoids in Cannabis.”
View the video and you will see how or why I assumed a connection between Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather and Harvard Medical.
You’ll learn more from that three-hour video than everything you have ever learned on CNN, or in your lifetime, about the subject of devil weed.
Snyder’s denial of the facts about cannabis is common in folks who have been lied to and fooled their whole life by the cronies who have ruled for 140 years.
I am a progressive. Progressives take our problems and lessons in life to make a better world.
We do not sit in denial like people who ride motorcycles wearing tennis shoes and no gloves and believe they will never wreck, cigarette smokers or righteous citizens who believe if they obey all laws and take their pharmaceuticals they will be fine.
Terry Cook

I would just like to let everyone know that hidden in plain sight on the corner of West Sandusky and South West streets in Findlay is a treasure waiting to be found.
There is singing, dancing, children laughing, drama, and stage and set management that would challenge any builder.
I’m talking about the Fort Findlay Playhouse. Their production of “The Music Man” was wonderful and if you missed it, I feel sorry for you.
Do yourself a favor and get your share of this local treasure.
Their new season will start soon. I invite you to join us by being a patron of this dedicated group of people.
Jon Poland

As I stood in my kitchen drinking a cup of tea, I watched out the window as a Hancock County maintenance truck took down the street sign at our corner and replaced it with a different one.
Was the old one broken, faded, or unreadable? No.
The new one looked identical except that it contained upper and lowercase letters, where the old one was all uppercase.
If this is not a waste of taxpayers’ money, I don’t know what is. But who am I to complain? I’m just the one paying for it.
Glen Boniface

Congratulations for the coverage, May 14 and 15, given to the Campfire Awards to seven incredible kids and one incredible couple — Dr. and Mrs. DeBow Freed.
What a great way to start the day, reading such positive reportage!
As a community we need to support and encourage our young people.
Mariann D. Younger