How long will The Courier keep printing Kathleen Parker’s drivel now that it’s quite evident she doesn’t do any research or pound the pavement or have the slightest inkling of what the pulse of America really is?
She uses the words “I” and “my” over 20 times in last Friday’s column because it’s always all about her. She insults half the country with her snobbish descriptions of Trump voters. She became such a basher of Trump and cheerleader for Hillary that she failed to do her job, to ask questions, to do research or to travel to different areas of our country to cover all Americans’ views, but instead looked at Facebook, depended on rigged polls and searched Google from her office and failed to understand what every man and woman hurting in America understood, that we have had enough!
The corruption has got to stop!
She finally, for the first time in my recollection, mentions the failed policies of Obamacare, the doubling of the national debt, no enforcement of our immigration laws and the rise of the Islamic State (she still is under orders not to mention radical Islamic terrorists) because if she would have mentioned these items before the election, she would have been in hot water with her peers. And then she tries to make us believe she predicted Trump’s win two weeks ago, even though her column last week focused on who Hillary will put in her cabinet!
Even though I don’t always agree with them, Jim Brant, Don Iliff and Tom Murphy do more research, are easier to read and understand and are far more entertaining than Ms. Parker. And they are free!
C’mon Courier, she needs to go unless that would mean being exposed to more ignorant and pompous ramblings of Joe Thomas. If so, then she can stay.
Bruce Boguski

Wayne Baldridge (letter, Nov. 12) is right that Garrison Keillor (column, Nov. 11) shouldn’t have used the word “uneducated” to describe the people who supported Trump. I don’t think they are “uneducated,” they just celebrate anti-intellectualism.
They celebrate not having to explore any issue beyond their small circle of like-minded friends who affirm all their biases, whether based on actual facts or not.
It would be like a doctor advising you to take a certain medication and you say, “You know what, I don’t agree. Who are you to tell me how to treat me?”
Keillor wrote, “Resentment is no excuse for baldfaced stupidity.” And I will add: Our own well-being has never depended on losing our compassion for others. I remember back in 2008 when people like Baldridge mocked President Obama’s call for “hope and change” and it is ironic that is exactly what drove many to vote for Trump — hope and change.
Douglas Berger

Five presidents have been elected via the Electoral College without the majority vote, both Democrat and Republican. We have just had a very close election.
The new liberalism is a very bad movement. According to them, anyone who does not believe in their views should be destroyed by any means possible. These people do not believe in free speech.
The new liberalism is very much like the Nazi movement of Germany in the early 1930s.
We should never allow our country to be overtaken by a group of zealots such as the new liberals.
President-elect Trump was elected without the support of the Republican Party, the liberal media was against him, and none of the political polls gave him a chance if being elected.
The news media has forgotten its responsibility to the readers. The news should be factual, not slanted toward the left or right. The news media is too interested in views or readership.
Jim Killebrew

And the Bible says: the love of money is the root of all evil — 1 Tim 6:10.
No, no, money itself isn’t evil. It’s the love of money that is evil. The old idea that a person will do anything for money is what gets them into trouble. We have had excellent lessons on that type of behavior this past year.
I just finished an article by Victor Davis Hanson titled: “A blow to the non-elite elite.” It told of the evil behavior taking place in our country for quite some time. Everyone should read it. The more informed we are might help to keep us from letting the country go downhill again.
We need to keep a close eye on those we elect.
We also should have term limits. No political job should become a career. Let’s try to stop any more elections like the one we just lived through from happening again.
We must make it our business to keep all of our elected officials in prayer, whether we voted for them or not.
Barbara Rice

Why doesn’t President Obama go on national television and tell people to respect the results of the election and to stop protesting?
Anyone causing harm to another or trashing other people’s property should be prosecuted to the extent of the law.
Bobbie Brauneller