Eagle Township residents need to speak up and tell our trustees that we are not happy with the decisions they want to make about our fire protection.
Eagle Township does not have its own fire department, and we rely on the neighboring villages.
With the ever-growing cost of firefighting, the fire departments are wanting to form a joint venture to better serve the area.
Eagle Township trustees think they can make a decision for everyone who lives in the township without making sure the community knows the details, because they are too damn cheap to pay, as one trustee said, “an additional $197 a year.”
So the residents may have to pay possibly a few hundred more a year in taxes. But many would pay less because it’s based on the value of your property.
Yet that is nothing compared to what the increase to our home insurance would be without fire protection.
One lame option they offered up was having Arlington be our fire service because they don’t charge as much.
But I bet Arlington would raise prices if they have to drive all over the county.
Why would I consent to fire protection from Arlington, that would take more than half an hour to reach me, when I have not one, but three departments within minutes of my home?
I have nothing against Arlington firefighters, I appreciate them and all volunteer firefighters. They are just too far from many of us.
Eagle Township residents, stand up for yourselves because the trustees won’t!
Patty Welch
rural Rawson

Just sitting here in Florida thinking about my trip back to Findlay in time to vote, and it crossed my mind that I have read about the Democrats holding meetings, discussions and debates but the Republicans not so much.
I find myself questioning this lack of communication.
Is it because Republicans feel so ensconced in their positions that they don’t have to risk stating their opinions publicly in the event that the public just might disagree with them?
Just because they have been “in power” for such a long period should not free them from the public scrutiny that might occur in a public meeting such as a forum or debate.
As I said, I was just sitting here thinking, has anyone else had some similar thoughts?
Don Kinn

As Americans, we hold many of our past presidents in high esteem for a variety of reasons.
We remember George Washington for saying, “I cannot tell a lie,” whereupon he admitted cutting down the cherry tree.
Abraham Lincoln we affectionately call “Honest Abe” for obvious reasons.
Teddy Roosevelt began the preservation of our national parks; FDR instituted the many social programs that have helped countless folks in the last 80 years, and JFK may best be remembered for admonishing us to find ways we could positively impact the country.
What values will accrue from the Trump era? He is already known as an inveterate liar a thousand times over. He is completely dishonest about any number of things, most noteworthy his birther and wiretap lies about President Obama. Cheating remains another Trump trait, with conning of his wives, employees, contractors, investors, and banks throughout his lifetime, including the current con job he’s done on his electorate.
He denigrates women, minorities, refugees, the disabled, and the captured. He works very hard dismantling environmental and consumer protection laws, as well as workers’ rights. Even endangered species will have no legal advocacy in government.
His removal of banking rules and regulations will permit banks to resume predatory lending and unethical investing.
His excuse for such activity is that these measures will create jobs. Really? Rather, more jobs are being eliminated!
And how has Trump ever served his country? Certainly not by military service! Nor is he serving our country well in his current ignominious capacity to “deconstruct the administrative state” (Bannon’s words).
How many years will it take to regain the safeguards we lose every time he signs an executive order? How will future generations be affected by this person (certainly not a man) who grabs women, swears in public, lies to his constituents and the general public, ignores constitutional law, and has never served anyone else but himself and his ilk?
How will he be remembered? Donald the Dismemberer.
Karen Minto
Mount Cory