The July flood in Ohio counties and many surrounding states shows Findlay was not alone in suffering from floodwaters. Travels in Hancock and surrounding counties show severe damage to many farm fields, too, and one can see many trees and logs blocking the rivers and creeks in the area.
I am grateful that the Blanchard did get some cleaning from downed ash trees last summer after not being cleaned for 20 years, and flooding would have been worse without last summer’s cleaning.
You do not have to be an engineer or water hydraulic specialist to realize how much better everyone would have fared if sand bars, pinch points, and more debris had been cleaned by the time the water came. If these areas are not addressed, Findlay will continue to see more widespread flooding because water will change its course based on what is in the river.
Commissioners, please get the permits to clean the river and make the entire watershed cleaner and safer, as they did for the Portage River in August 2017.
No one is complaining about the benching, widening, and changes to a bridge in Findlay to lower the water by one foot. More of this needs to be done.
Removing Issue 3 from the ballot is a step in the right direction, as well as working together instead of against each other.
The Blanchard runs through four counties. No one should feel more deserving of being free from water by shoving it onto someone else, as Stantec’s plan proposes. The high hazard dams in the Mount Blanchard area or the diversion channels simply move the problem to a different area.
Ohio Revised Code 3767.13 states: “No person shall unlawfully divert such watercourse from its natural course or state to the injury or prejudice of others.”
Pamela Foreman

Rod Nelson (letter, Oct. 7) has the opinion that gun control legislation would have prevented a madman from killing so many victims in Las Vegas.
If this were true the massacre in France wouldn’t have occurred. They have some of the toughest gun laws in the world and yet so many perished inside that nightclub.
Look at one of our allies that has been by our side in most of the wars that we have been in, Australia. In the 1990s they basically banned almost every firearm for private citizens and the gun murder rate actually went up. Since then, their gun murder rate has decreased significantly but not as much as our gun murder rate, and this happened while gun ownership in our great land has increased by almost 50 percent.
That is except for places like Chicago, Illinois, where some of the strictest gun control laws in our country are. There the murder by gun rate is flying through the roof.
As to the proposal that assault weapons should be banned, I only have one question to ask: whose definition of assault weapon do you want us to use? Is it the one in which an assault weapon is classified the way the military classifies them, which means they are already banned as a fully automatic weapon, or is it the one where the weapon just cosmetically looks like something issued by the military?
The NRA is not buying its way through Congress. There are so many who shove more money into the hands of politicians in Congress.
Maybe we should look at why no one complains about those who are actually buying influence, including the UAW, AFL/CIO and Planned Parenthood, which itself is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of unborn babies every year and gives 10 times more money to members of Congress.
Patrick T. Flinn

I believe in miracles. I really do. While reading Jim Brant’s letter (Oct. 9), I became inspired to give thanks and pray. I give glory to God, our creator for giving Jim a bright and creative brain with the ability to critique my writing. Amen.
Now, I would like to offer my critique. Jim uses his amazing God-given brain to scorn and beat up on others.
It’s a little like the TV comedians who constantly mock and ridicule. They’ve forgotten Red Skelton and others who were really funny without vulgarity or put-downs.
I have hope for Jim because of Jesus. Before I gave my life to God, I used vile and immoral language worse than Jim has displayed.
God changed me and he is no respecter of persons.
My mother’s life verse was, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O God.” Psalm 19.
I still believe in miracles and I love the grand old flag because it’s the standard of the freest nation in the world.
Wayne Baldridge