When I turned to page A6 of Monday’s edition of The Courier, my eyes immediately focused on the headline, “2 ovarian cancer survivors.”
Like Anne Hermiller and Sarah Ludinich, I too was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014.
When you hear those words, “you have cancer,” your world is turned upside down. However, thanks to my oncologist at the James Center, the support from my family, and all the prayers and support from my church family at First UCC, I am now cancer free.
Is that a guarantee? No. I still have follow-up CAT scans, X-rays and blood work every three months.
As Anne Hermiller stated, “a Pap does not detect ovarian cancer.” This was a misconception of mine just like so many other women. There is no routine screening for ovarian cancer. I always urge women to listen to your body and be aware of the signs and symptoms.
I would like to reach out to Anne and Sarah by letting them know I will keep you both in my prayers. Be strong, and let’s paint the town TEAL next year!
Marilyn Stiltner

If you ask a Findlay governmental official what the protracted downtown beautification work cost the city, the answer would be it cost the city nothing.
But if you asked a Findlay downtown merchant about the project, which has taken over six months and is still not complete, what this project cost them, the answers would include going out of business, lost customers and no hope of getting many of them back. It was a huge financial cost. If you ask the citizen on the street, you will often hear that they simply no longer go downtown or that they avoid the downtown as much as possible.
Looking at the work recently reported as almost finished, one can see lots of things that have the potential to bring grief to citizens who venture downtown.
There are many corners where the edge of the concrete curbing is sticking up 2 or 3 inches above the blacktop where they meet. Nice for tripping a person crossing the street, especially when there is snow on the ground and that flaw is not visible.
The area of what should be sidewalk along the curb, where passengers can get out of their cars, is now filled with dirt.
Either the plan is to not allow passengers to exit to the sidewalk, or the planners of this project thought people would like to step out onto mud when it is wet or into some sort of a landscape barrier.
The folks who brag about getting this marvelous downtown improvement for free obviously did not consider many things that will impact the downtown merchants for years to come and will actually make the downtown an area much less convenient, with less parking, poor exit from cars, narrowed corners, and backed-up traffic. At what cost was this project done?
As a citizen who wasn’t given the opportunity to vote on this improvement project, I think the cost was much too high.
Killing the business of the center of our city is far too steep a cost for free urban beautification.
N. Susan Bakaitis

I’m grateful to the employees of the city of Findlay for their quick and efficient response after the Nov. 5 weather event.
After most of our neighbors assisted in clearing trees to open one lane of our street, the Street Department was quickly there to open the street curb to curb.
As the Fire Department surveyed the damage, a quick stop by them to inquire if everything was OK was appreciated.
The Street Department employees who cleaned up the debris on Monday were very kind, courteous, and efficient.
While I am sure many self-centered citizens criticized the city’s response after the storm, our neighborhood benefited from their efforts.
Thanks for a job well done!
John F. Wheeler
I’d like to thank the kind and generous woman who paid my 8-year-old daughter’s $1.10 library fine last week.
When we walked out of the library my daughter told me she thought this happened (I was at a different checkout helping my son with his books), and I was so touched that a stranger would do that.
I explained to her how it would now be appropriate for her to pay it forward and do a kind deed for someone.
Kindness encourages and perpetuates kindness. Thank you, again, and happy holidays to you!
Holly Copado