Representatives Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green, and Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, tell me that I’ll be happy with the Republican tax plan when I get my savings next year.
It’s hard to know how much I’ll save in taxes on the plan since it hasn’t been finalized.
Sen. Rob Portman estimates that Ohioans making $40,000-$50,000 per year will save $2,400. I estimate I’ll save about $2,000.
With $2,000, I can buy a big screen TV.
Here’s what I can’t do with that tax cut:
If I get cancer, I can’t possibly pay for treatments. These can cost millions, and the Senate version of the bill eliminates deductions for medical expenses.
If the House version of the tax plan passes, I couldn’t have helped my children go to college. The House eliminates deductions parents take for children who are over 18 and full-time students. If my children get a grant, graduate school tuition — maybe $25,000 per year — plus a $15,000 stipend to teach while they are in school, they will be taxed on the tuition grant as well as the stipend, as if they were taking home $40,000 per year rather than $15,000.
If the bill passes, I can’t possibly save enough to cover my medical costs in retirement. And here’s the kicker — the individual tax cuts go away after seven years. The $14,000 I can save over the next seven years can’t possibly offset the massive cuts the Republican budget calls for in Medicare ($470 billion) and Medicaid ($1 trillion).
The plan nickles and dimes ordinary taxpayers like me to pay for corporate tax cuts, which are, of course, permanent.
The Republican tax plan reduces my ability to pay for health care in retirement.
I would struggle to pay for a serious illness. It makes it harder for my children and grandchildren to get an education. And it raises the deficit by $1 trillion, money that my children and grandchildren will have to pay.
So no, Reps. Latta and Jordan, I’m not happy with the Republican tax plan. I want more for my family than a big screen TV.
Lisa Robeson

With Findlay becoming a very beautiful, productive community, how can the Hancock County commissioners permit a recycle container to go out looking like this picture?
First of all, it is an insult to the Chamberlin Hill School, and secondly it is an eyesore for the community.
With all the people being incarcerated, and hearing they need a new jail, why not take the inmates out and have them sand and paint the containers and make them look like new?
Shame on you folks. Get with the program.
By the way, this is the way all of them have looked this past year!
C.P. Lyon