When I heard that President Trump was to speak about his decision on whether or not to finally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, I immediately began to see and hear much talk about how terrible it would be to do that.
Nothing could be more wrong.
In 1995, Congress passed the “Jerusalem Embassy Act.” While it is technically only a resolution, and not law, it represented the will of the American people to respect the right of our most important ally in the region to her capital.
Every president since has campaigned on recognizing the resolution, only to turn away from it in office.
Israel is also the only country on the entire planet that seems to be denied the right to determine its own capital. And on what grounds?
Many so-called “experts” say that we should not recognize Israel’s right to Jerusalem merely because it could act as a boon to terrorists, and could lead nations such as Iran to fund more terrorism.
I was under the impression that we don’t negotiate with terrorists. To consider that a little further: should we be afraid to stand with the only stable, democratic, and predominantly rights-respecting nation in the entire region because it could upset the supporters of terror and those who regularly call for the complete destruction of entire societies (i.e., Israel or western civilization)?
I can understand only one concern in the entire debate — protecting religious freedom in regard to holy sites. Jerusalem has holy sites peppered throughout the city. Heck, the whole state does. But, what about it?
Israel is the only nation in the region to defend religious liberty and protect the holy sites of all of the faiths involved — and that’s all while claiming Jerusalem as the capital.
Why are we never quick to defend the Jewish and Christian holy sites in the West Bank, but fight when Jews want to pray at the Western Wall? We certainly must be sure to be careful in our actions when handling foreign policy. We must also remember to stand for what is right.
Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem would merely mean we finally see reality: that Jerusalem is the eternal and united capital of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. President Trump would be weak to give in to the demands of terrorists.
Nicholas Young