One cannot be overly surprised that Gerald Leguire (letter, Jan. 3) feels annoyed by the #MeToo movement, or that he feels they are “self-styled victims.”
One only has to look back on his body of work to see that he is fervently opposed to any thoughts that challenge his white, male, conservative sense of entitlement.
It is unfortunate and sad to see him discredit persons who have experienced something as traumatic as sexual assault by brushing it aside as propaganda from the left, whom apparently he also believes are communists.
It is, however, revealing that Leguire is still stuck in the Hillary/Obama bashing mindset.
Perhaps that is due to him not actually being able to tout any of the current administration’s accomplishments, other than vague, unsubstantiated accreditation for an improved economy and unemployment rate, and the even more vague and subjective definition of “great,” all the while conveniently brushing aside the countless lies, embarrassments, missteps, and egotistical rantings that occur almost daily from the White House.
It must gall him to know that Illinois declared President Obama’s birthday to be a state holiday, while the former reality performer will go down in the history books as a terrible mistake our country made.
David Hunt

Deborah Peterson (letter, Jan. 4) seemed to have an issue with a photo in The Courier that celebrated the first baby born in 2018 at Findlay’s Blanchard Valley Hospital.
She assumed the couple in the picture weren’t married and lamented how unfair the photo was to “legitimately married couples.”
She wanted to see “holy matrimony, marriage, once again honored in our society and the newspaper, including the offspring from such unions.”
Marriage is a contract between a couple.
Morality has nothing to do with it. People who claim to be the most moral, evangelical Christians, have a higher divorce rate than other groups. The next highest moral group, Catholic priests, aren’t even allowed to marry.
Peterson did appreciate the mother not getting an abortion but felt that wasn’t enough. She missed the fact that the baby’s father was in the picture, which isn’t always the case.
What bothered me most about Peterson’s comments was assuming the child was illegitimate.
I don’t think people should be making judgments without actual facts. The photo looked like a loving family to me, and that is just as legitimate as any family with a newborn.
Douglas Berger
rural Findlay