I take note of Deb Green’s comments (letter, Dec. 14) especially about Bibles written before 1700.
For starters, one of the most respected bibles of all time is the King James English translation in 1604. It is still held by some that it is the best of all English versions.
Prior to that was the Latin Vulgate Translated from Greek and Aramaic to the language of the day (Vulgate) Ie. Latin (about 400 AD) The Bible is inspired by God, written down by men as they were under the influence of the Holy Spirit.
The translations were done because as the old language went out of style, only a few elite could read and understand it. With that, came control and improper use of Holy Scriptures. Therefore, those such as Jerome, translated from Greek and Aramaic to Latin took their lives in their hands to do it. Then there were the first English translations by Tynedale and Wycliff prior to the KJV.
These translations were to free the average persons to read it for themselves. Translations were always done with the highest scrutiny to maintain accuracy of the original text. Even today with all the modern communication and access to historical data, they are still working on getting the most accurate bible ever. The New International Version (NIV) is to date one of the best one yet, in my opinion.
The Bible is the only book that can speak or itself as to it’s authenticy.
If man had written it or translated it, he would have written out sin a long time ago. The chief reason for the Bible it to give man true freedom. But to do that it has to address and define sin first.
So the scripture in a nutshell is “Man cannot attain right standing with God on his own but by the power of Christ’s death on the cross we can live in right standing with him.”
Robert D. Poe

Belated seasons greetings to all contributors to this forum, including my detractors, whose sophomoric rebuttals make for great entertainment.
When sitting down to write, may I suggest you girls (or guys) please don those goofy, pink, (female genitalia) hats you brought back from last year’s women’s march, perhaps to add to your sense of empowerment, but be advised, these have not been proven to be effective thinking caps.
Throngs of shrieking women should be careful not to prematurely anoint themselves with names, titles, or badges, the #MeToo movement being case in point.
As most of us have seen the need to dial up customer service, speak to a robot, then be directed to a menu where we make a choice, then hit the pound key. This is the pound key “#”.
With the English language being what it is, somewhat confusing at times, #MeToo could be taken as “PoundMeToo”!
Now, what kind of organization purporting to be protecting women from men, or protecting women from their poor choices in life for that matter, would call themselves PoundMeToo?
Further proof, that liberalism is a mental disorder. Good day.
Gerald Leguire