Doug Berger (letter, Jan. 6) said “marriage is a contract.”
Holy matrimony, marriage, is a covenant between a man and a woman and in its original and truest meaning, with God.
It is an institution ordained by God with the prospect of reproducing humankind and glorifying his own name. Therefore, it cannot be changed or redefined by man’s whims or interpretations or even laws and still be called marriage.
The covenant of marriage is meant to be everlasting. The only thing allowable by God to dissolve it is fornication; unlawful sex outside of the marriage.
I know there is the matter of abuse, but that’s another topic for which separation is an option and I’m not discussing it further here.
Yes, divorce has become rampant in America and sadly amongst the church in general, and is a disgrace.
Marriage was never meant to be entered into lightly or dishonored in any way.
The White House being lit up in rainbow colors was absolutely the most heinous thing I’ve ever seen and many share that belief and opinion.
By promoting this, Obama spat in God’s face, apparently without fear of retribution, but eventually it will come, and everyone will see it.
Finally, Berger speaks of the love being shown by the couple in the picture. If “love” were enough, married or unmarried, we would not have needed a savior dying on the cross for us.
Deborah Peterson

I see that we have, at least temporarily, lost our part-time county “administrator.”
Does this mean that with no one to referee the personalities and egos of our county commissioners that things will revert to the same name-calling and posturing that we had before?
It seemed to me that with Heather Pendleton, there was at least the appearance of cooperation among the commissioners. My hope is that this semblance of cooperation for the good of the county and its residents will continue in her absence.
Don Kinn