Watching the news on Tuesday, I saw a miracle!
A school in Dallas was organizing a breakfast for fathers and sons. Realizing there could be over 50 boys who wouldn’t have a father there, they advertised for mentors to fill in.
To everyone’s surprise, over 600 men showed up!
What an example and encouragement for those young boys! The interviews were heartwarming, from both the men and boys.
In these days of confusion, sorrow and evil, may we be aware and allow our hearts to melt, so doors can open for those who feel alone, and are vulnerable!
I thank God for his favor and unexpected blessings for our country.
Kathleen Chambers

The health and well-being of nine million children is at risk! It’s been over 100 days since the GOP leadership in Congress let the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expire.
Children and states can’t wait any longer.
Any spending bill that Congress takes up must include long-term funding for CHIP.
This program plays a critical role in our nation’s health care by covering children who fall into a coverage gap — their families make too much to qualify for Medicaid, but they also cannot afford private health insurance.
CHIP has always had bipartisan support, and Congress shouldn’t gamble with our kids’ health by delaying funding or by continuing with patchwork funding while they play politics in Washington, D.C. Children and families need reliable coverage, and states need to know that funding will continue long term.
Congress must act now to extend CHIP, fully funded, for five years. Sen. Rob Portman has been ripping away health care and needs to prove he cares about the well-being of children after they are born and with health issues.
This needs attention right away. Not ignored.
Too many parents work jobs making $8-$10 an hour, and their employers don’t provide health insurance, which is wrong. Please pass this bill to ensure that children have health insurance that they need and deserve.
Melissa Kritzell

Maybe I’m confused, or a bit naive. Why is our representative, Jim Jordan, and his so called “freedom caucus” chasing red herrings (Hillary Clinton) when they should be chasing the red menace (Russia’s interference in our electoral process)?
Considering that every intelligence agency has concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, and considering that nothing has been done to hinder its interfering in the 2018 election, I would think that the sanctity of our electoral processes would be the number one priority for Congress.
Unless, of course, their patriotism ends where their ideology and/or their party loyalty begins. Or their fealty to the president takes precedence over their oath of office.
I guess the question for Mr. Jordan’s constituency is whether they agree with him that chasing partisan rabbits down the hole is more important than preserving the sanctity of our democracy.
Ron J. Bores