I have never met anyone who does not like to watch the Olympics. I am amazed at athletes’ dedication and their “stick-to-itiveness” to practice daily to win that medal of gold, bronze or silver, although they are all aiming for the gold.

I was watching them march in together on opening night, all of those countries together with the same thing on their minds … “Win that gold.”

They were laughing and cheering, waving at the crowd, excited that the time had finally come to compete, the best vs. the best! Country vs. country!

In every competition, only one gold is given. Same for the bronze and the silver. Just one!

I hurt for those who have practiced so hard, then end up falling or doing something that causes them to lose points. But I also admire how they get right back up and continue without missing a beat. They are fantastic.

I look at those nations competing, cheering each other on, patting each other on the back or giving a hug of consolation because they know how much practice and work was done by each individual before they arrived on the scene to compete before the world.

And, I wonder, why this world can’t get along like that when it comes to other things. Why does one country always try to dominate its neighbors?

Look back at history from the time of creation up to this very day. Look at children on any school playground, or in a home or a church; there are always those that feel they have to be the “boss.”

I read a poem once about Jesus and Alexander. Both lived to be about 33 years of age.

Alexander was a great warrior. He sat on his throne and cried because there were no more worlds for him to conquer.

Jesus died on a cross in order to bring peace to all.

Which one’s life will matter the most in the last days? Whose ideas will we try to follow? Whose life will make the biggest difference to us in the end?

I guess we are all trying to win the gold in one way or another. Let’s pray it’s the right way.

Barbara Rice


Obviously, the human body craves meat (Feder letter, Feb. 12).

If not, why do we have an entire industry that takes plant-based material and processes it to death to make a product that looks, smells, tastes and feels like animal products?

This product then has to have fake smells and flavorings added.

It may also need fake nutrients added to replace the nutrients that were destroyed in the processing.

So, you are eating an entirely fake product.

Why not eat the original healthy plant material?

Oh, yeah, the human body craves animal products.

Mary Ann Gerdeman