God ordained government and is the source of all good. The Great Awakening was happening when our republic was formed from the blueprint of God’s holy word by our forefathers. Reading their own words, one can see they were Christians, albeit different denominations.
Judeo-Christian morals, our foundation, our heritage, were taught with God’s “good.” Jesus alone measured up to God’s perfect standard. We need to realize we are sinners (no one taught us to lie, deceive, etc.), repent, ask Jesus to be our savior, and turn from our sins.
Most school shooters are characterized as loners, “weird.” I wonder how many shootings might not have occurred if many of their fellow students had made more of an effort to include them, make them feel welcome?
One way to start is to get off the electronics, actually converse face to face. See how words and actions can hurt others. Unfortunately, many of our young people are growing up without the godly biblical upbringing that had been a mainstay of our country for almost 200 years.
Since the Bible has been removed from U.S. schools in 1962, like the proverbial snowball rolling down a mountain, getting faster, larger, completely out of control, so has escalated the evil in our country. We are reaping the whirlwind.
I was a lunch monitor. I intentionally tried to reach out to those students who were by themselves to encourage them and let them know we care for them. Am I perfect? No. Just as we have to mature mentally, physically and emotionally, Christians have to mature spiritually.
Yes, I am trying to live my life to be pleasing to God and “man,” and more like Christ. Do I fail? Yes, because I am not perfect, but I ask God and others to forgive me and then try harder.
The beautiful eagle mural in the “We the People’s” city municipal building should be left there. Precedent! Our buildings in D.C., inside and out, are full of Scriptures, etc. from the foundation of our republic.
Nita McDonald

Until February 1945, Dresden, Germany, had been free from the daily bombing of all German cities by the British and the United States.
Dresden was called the Florence on the Elbe. It was a beautiful city, very old, and noted for its architecture and museums.
The war was closing fast as the Allies were closing in on Berlin. Thousands of refugees were flowing into Dresden from the Russian advance.
Dresden was and had been an unlikely target since the bombing started in 1939.
So why did the British and U.S. decide to destroy the beautiful city, when there apparently were no military targets to feed the German war effort?
On Feb. 13, 1945, British bombers saturated the city, dropping 1,100 tons of incendiaries and firebombs, creating a firestorm, destroying most of the city. Several hours later, they came back and dropped more.
The next day, 300 U.S. bombers dropped more bombs on bridges, railways, and transportation facilities. On Feb. 15, 1945, another 200 bombers continued the assault. Later, the U.S. Air Force would drop another 2,800 tons of bombs in other attacks, until the war ended.
There were about 130,000 civilian dead, most from the refugees fleeing from the Russians.
The question remains, why did the British and U.S. Air Force decide to destroy so completely this beautiful city?
My crew, the U.S. 8th Air Force in England, wasn’t involved in these missions, and when we heard about the firebombings, we weren’t too happy. Firebombing is like a snake. When the wind hits it and the fire crawls through the city, it destroys everything in its path.
After the war, the city had to be completely leveled, and modern structures replaced the old.
Tom Daley