God did not “ordain” government in the United States of America in 1776 or later. This fact does not and is not intended to diminish a singular religion.
However, the repeated desire to acknowledge a singular religion is not a basis upon which to inject a false narrative of American history.
The U.S. is and was founded upon a diversity of religious ideas, including African religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the teaching of Muhammad as Muslims, and atheists.
Careful study reveals the ideas of our founders were primarily based on the synthesis of reason, nature and humanity known as the Enlightenment (1685-1815).
The “Great Awakening” (1720-1740), noted as a redirection of “rationalism” toward individual piety and devotion, was found primarily among groups of Dutch Reformed, Congregationalists, Presbyterians and some Calvinist Anglicans.
It may be suggested such an “awakening” resulted in an increase of dissent from established churches, allowing a “democratization” of religious experiences and forming a “fundamental” precondition to the American Revolution.
“Devotional” letters often found in “The Courier,” proclaiming the U.S. as founded upon “Christianity,” are simply a pretentious form of historical revisionism.
It is heartening to note that in the early days of George Washington’s presidency, he wrote: “I trust the people of every denomination, who demean themselves as good citizens, will have occasion to be convinced that I shall always strive to prove a faithful and impartial Patron of genuine, vital religion.”
Washington expressed a greater interest in the skills of workers at Mount Vernon than their religious beliefs, stating: “If they are good workmen, they may be of Asia, Africa, or Europe.
They may be Mahometans, Jews or Christian of any Sect, or they may be Atheists.”
The religious beliefs and practices at Mount Vernon reveal that individuals at the plantation were free to follow both Christian and non-Christian beliefs and practices. Washington refrained from interfering, in any manner, in the religious lives of Mount Vernon residents who were given Sundays and three religious holidays off each year; four days at Christmas; and Mondays after Easter and Pentecost.
Perhaps our founders were not the “politicians” some may wish to appreciate; however, it was also Washington who spoke of the “horrors of spiritual tyranny.”
John F. Kostyo

I want to thank the driver of a Chevy Cruz for almost hitting a group of cars on North Main Street at about 2:40 p.m. Wednesday.
You see, you swerved and almost hit my car when you changed lanes because you couldn’t put your phone down. Where is a cop when you need one?
Every night as I’m driving into Findlay after work, I have seen people texting and driving. The best one I can think of is when I looked in my rear-view mirror and the girl behind me was taking selfies.
Or the guy who lost control of his SUV at the corner of Anna and swerved onto Lester, cranking the wheel and trying not to hit anything — and me — while talking on his cellphone and driving with one hand when it was icy.
Then you have the lady who is tailgating, trying to put her makeup on while driving. All I want to know is: Why?
I might not be the best driver, but if you call me it can wait until I’m stopped or can pull into a parking lot.
What did we do before cellphones? I’m almost certain the distractions were a lot fewer.
I just wish the police were out watching these people. I know that is not possible, but something has to be done.
Becky Wells-Freeman

Here we are again, the liberals are crying for gun control and the role of President Donald Trump in this madness concerning gun control.
Trump has been president for about 14 months. The all-caring liberals were in control for many months prior to Trump. Where was the crying for gun control before now?
The problem we have now concerning gun control is not a liberal problem or a conservative problem. The problem is about money. Who gets the money to not act on the problem?
The way government functions is the root of all our problems. Congress should have to give all the money given by the gun lobby to aid the victims of all mass shootings.
Take away the money, take away the problems.
The NRA is not the bad guy in the room. The gun manufacturers are.
Who funds the NRA?
Trump is not the problem. We are. Put aside all our hate for each other, fight the real problem.
Jim Killebrew Findlay