I think the only one wearing blinders is Jim Inbody (letter, May 9) as his 12-step program of “Trumponomics” is about as phony as the president’s promise of job security.

Jim should have read more of my letters. Then he would know that, unlike the Donald, I have always known that America is and always has been the greatest country on earth.

He would also know that for over 70 months, before Jan. 20, 2018, President Obama had been creating jobs, lowering the unemployment rate, increasing economic growth as well as a rising stock market, and bailing out General Motors and Chrysler, all in spite of that other tax-cutting Republican George Dumbya, who should have kept his job as cheerleader. Oh yeah, I learned all that good stuff from MSNBC.

Now, as for that so-called NATO money, forget about it. The Trumpster blew that long ago for gas on Air Force One for all them top-secret golf trips to Mar-a-Lago.

Anyway, Jim, how come you didn’t say anything about that Great Wall of Mexico, and what happened to all them new airports and them 100,000 new bridges or all them new roads?

What happened, did the world’s greatest builder lose his hard hat? Ah, well. What I really want to know is, did you and your Republican buddies chip in for the Donald’s “pornimoney” for that Stormy gal?

Jim Brant