I love how amoral relativistic secular liberals continue to lecture the rest of us mere mortals on our failure to recognize evil (Don Iliff letter, June 1). Of course, their perspectives are superior, and they evidently feel they have some moral imperative to educate the rest of us on what is right or wrong, good or evil.

Like the infamous philosopher Dalton (Patrick Swayze in “Road House”) so eloquently stated, “Opinions vary.”

Progressivism and its attendant political correctness have invaded virtually every aspect of our lives, and continual mind-deadening lectures from leftist hypocrites are a scourge we evidently must endure.

To death and taxes are we to now add progressive BS to our minimalist list of sure things in life?

Are we to buy our moral compass from a manufacturer whose morality is relativistic, the needle of which always points in his direction? I say no.

From his morally superior position, Iliff blames Trump and the Republicans for their evil actions. I’m sure he feels justified. He has a right to his opinions, but that’s all they are.

Evidently, Don is also an attorney as well, stating that the president’s actions are “unlawful and punishable by imprisonment or removal from office.” He has a lot of nerve.

The previous administration was arguably as seditious as our country has ever seen.

The current administration is committed to the betterment of America as a whole. The “malice and spitefulness” we see seems to be coming principally from the progressive left — accusing the other side of that of which they are guilty.

Fortunately, America is a representative republic and not a democracy. Maybe Don is right, and democracy is destroying itself. Actually, that’s what it inevitably does, and why it was not chosen as the model by our Founding Fathers.

Trump supporters have not abandoned democracy in order to support him. We never embraced democracy in the first place. We prefer a constitutional republic!

Thom Bissell



It is interesting to see the letters (June 2) complaining that “Democrats just can’t give (President Trump) credit for anything,” or that people blame Trump for everything bad that happens.

It seems not that long ago that the same things were being said by those on the other side about President Obama.

This illustrates how hard it is in these hyper-partisan times to give credit where credit is due, even if it is due to someone we don’t agree with or even like.

It would be good for all of us to step out of our ideological cages and remember the old saying: Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Arthur Wilde



About six weeks ago, a strange thing happened to this 92-year-old veteran.

A young lady named Amber, a student at the University of Findlay, called and asked if I would be involved in a class program that she and two classmates were holding.

This program was inviting various veterans to meet once a week to play cards and games, and talk about their experiences. I told Amber that I would gladly join the group.

The first meeting was held at the VA office. No one showed up but myself. I told the three lovely ladies not to worry, I can tell you lots of different stories, and we can get acquainted.

During the next two hours, the girls told me about themselves, and I not only told stories, I also sang songs from years ago.

They planned another meeting a week later, and again no one showed except me, so we did the same thing.

Amber asked me if the three girls could come to my house and make supper for me. We had hamburgers, potatoes, coleslaw, apple pie and ice cream. Again we talked, and I sang a few songs. They cleaned up my kitchen spick-and-span.

The next week, another meeting, no one showed, so they asked if they could make my breakfast. They made a nice meal and cleaned up everything.

The next week, they asked if they could come over and make tacos. I said, wow, this is great! We had a great meal, laughed and sang songs.

These three girls would graduate on May 5 in occupational therapy. They asked if they could make one last breakfast for me.

You know, to have Amber, Nichole and Erin around this old guy was the greatest thing for the companionship that they provided.

You could tell they came from very nice families. Good luck, girls, and success in what you all will be doing. I’ll miss you all.

Tom Daley