We have approximately 5 billion years to get out of town.

Thanks to the man upstairs, when he said “let there be light” 13.7 billion years ago, the “Big Bang” occurred, then our universe evolved to what it is today.

As many leading scientists agree, the only way the Big Bang could take the size of our universe from zero size to an infinite amount of matter, energy and light instantaneously (in a microsecond) is thanks to a supernatural being who possesses more power than what’s in the entire universe.

The universe is so well designed. The human race came into existence at the perfect time, when our source of light, the sun, is at its “half-life.” This means that our sun is 5 billion years old and is designed to feed the human race for 5 billion more years before we have to find another source of light.

There is, however, one key drawback. According to scientific probability charts, our planet is destined for a collision with an asteroid approximately every 250,000 years, like the one that killed off the dinosaurs.

Consequently, President Trump is right on time in his effort to end the nuclear weapons programs of all hostile regimes worldwide.

Plus, Trump and our entire planet need to design nuclear-powered automated robots that can attach to any asteroids that threaten life on our beautiful planet. Then our planet can last 5 billion or more years, as it is designed to do.

Steven J. Haslinger



I would like to thank Joel Harris for his reply (letter, June 5) to my May 26 letter. I would also like to set a few things straight.

To reply to Harris’ six points:

1. I now understand that the unaccounted for children are, in all likelihood, safe with sponsors or guardians. However, this information had not yet come to light as I was writing the May 26 letter. I admit to being caught up in a furor and did not wait as long as I should have to make my statement.

Despite this, however, children are still being forcibly separated from their parents and are being kept in terrible conditions in detention centers.

2. Obama did a great deal to stop immigrants, and it’s why you’ll find no love lost for him from me. Deportations remained very high during his presidency, despite his welcoming messages, and he further significantly increased the budget for ICE and the Border Patrol, according to the DHS.

3. What gives you the thought that immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America are not hard-working? I’ve been fortunate enough to know several in my lifetime, and they have been among the hardest-working and kindest people I’ve known.

They also tend to have a great love and admiration for this country and the American dream. If there is a tendency for them to isolate themselves, it is only because our government has a history of treating them like a human cancer.

All these people are trying to do is create a better life for themselves and their families. If the illegality of it bothers you, streamline the process so fewer resort to illegal entry.

4. This was meant more in the sense that all human life has value. Something I’ve heard countless times from conservatives, but a belief that seems to fall apart when brown-skinned people are involved.

5. When I said that I don’t care what someone has to say, again, it was meant more in the sense that separating children from parents (a Trump-era policy decision) is morally reprehensible, indefensible, and beneath us as a nation.

Jesus, also, had something to say about the mistreatment of children. “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”

Jake Laird