Upon my return to Findlay for the summer, I was surprised at how much our downtown resembles the tourist towns of Gulf Coast Florida.

The only thing missing is speed bumps at the new crosswalks.

I see the triangles painted on the street that they use in Florida to indicate a coming speed bump. Then I read in The Courier about the installation of patterned concrete crosswalks (I hope the patterns match the boulders they placed at two major intersections to protect the ill-designed curb layout). Am I to assume that these triangles preclude the speed bumps?

On this morning’s walk, I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the rebuilding of Cory Street from Lima to Main Cross included the striping for a single traffic lane and inclusion of a bike lane.

I can only suppose that this traffic pattern is in preparation for future banning of bicycles from Main Street. Way to go Findlay, plan ahead.

Don Kinn